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Rookie Blue--Michigan Football RCs: part 4 (2000-2003)

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I've got lots of great COMC stuff to post soon, but before I do that I wanted to take care of a lingering project first:  showing off the Michigan Football rookies I've accumulated from complete sets, trades, and purchases.  I broke them down into eight manageable groups so that's how many posts you'll be seeing under this feature.

Each post will include a range of one or more years, and the cards from that range are sorted alphabetically by each player's last name and then by set (uh, mostly--sometimes I goofed on "official" set titles and sorted accordingly).  I'll list each player and card, plus anything done in this style
 indicates what I consider to be a Michigan uniform photo, regardless of airbrushing, etc.

On a day where Michigan's defense earned consecutive shutouts for the first time since 2000, how about some more football rookies, starting from the year 2000?

  • Ronald Bellamy (2003):  Upper Deck MVP

  • Ian Gold (2000):  Fleer Tradition;  Metal

  • David Terrell (2001):  Bowman;  E-X;  Leaf Rookies and Stars;  (Upper Deck) MVP;  Select;  SP Game Used Edition

  • Bellamy is our first subject, not to mention the first of a trio of MVP cards with excellent college photos.  The undrafted WR had just one pro catch for Miami after nine career TDs with the Wolverines.

    Ian Gold, meanwhile, is our representative from 2000 on a couple Fleer products.  Gold was a LB (after a college position switch) drafted #40 overall (second round) by Denver in 2000, and he went on to an eight-year career with the Broncos and Bucs.

    Another WR, David Terrell, dominates the page (and today's cards overall), but considering he has 53 rookies for me to chase that's not a bad thing!  I believe a bunch of these came from a Blowout seller who'd prospected Terrell and gave them to me at a good price, especially considering a number of them are serial-numbered.  This scan includes a pair of Michigan uni cards while the Rookies and Stars version is one of several from the set that feature a player messing around with a different sport.
    • David Terrell (2001, cont.):  Titanium Post Season;  Topps;  Ultra; Upper Deck;  Upper Deck Pros and Prospects
    • Anthony Thomas (2001):  (Upper Deck) MVP;  Topps
    Yep, five more of one of Michigan's former #1 WRs, and two more of him in college, including a really nice Ultra issue that would be my favorite if not for the airbrushing.

    Last up is RB Anthony "A-Train" Thomas with a pair.  I think at one point I was trying to work on the 2001 MVP set but gave up on it in the last year or two because I didn't feel it was worth the effort.  Meanwhile, the Topps card (along with Terrell's) comes from my completed set from that year.  I may not have as many of Anthony as I do of David but at least I was able to show them together as I'm wont to do.

    I'm now halfway through this series and look forward to completing it so I can get to more from COMC and Sportlots!

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