Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2015 trade package #21: you can't spell "good cards come in small packages" without "Canada"!

Blog buddy and non-hoser ("noser"?) Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store sent me a new package a couple weeks ago that I'm finally showing off in another two-parter (here's the TMV link if you're somehow reading this post first).  Here's the Michigan-relevant (e.g. "best") content:
Tom Brady 2015 Score Team Leaders Gold (with Gray, Gronkowski, Ninkovich)
I busted a bit of retail Score this year but never pulled this Gold parallel of the Pats Team Leaders insert (or any version of it, come to think of it).  This is a pretty good group--obviously, since they won it all last year--and Ninkovich and Gronk are still with the team while former Michigan recruit and Notre Dame RB Jonas Gray, who went undrafted last year before making a bit of noise in New England, has been relegated to Miami's practice squad.
As far as I know this is the first appearance of former basketballer Rudy Tomjanovich on this here blog.  "Rudy T." played three great seasons in Ann Arbor, from 1967-1970.  The Hamtramck, Michigan, native was selected by the Rockets (then in San Diego) second overall in 1970, and he played all 11 of his seasons for that franchise.  He ultimately found success as the team's head coach, winning NBA titles in 1994 and 1995, two of the parts of 13 seasons in which he coached.  Here he is on his base card from 1978-79 Topps.
Rudy Tomjanovich 2011-12 SP Authentic Home Court Signatures auto
...and here he is again on a sweet manu/auto card!  These cards are fairly thick and have a mock "court" surface inserted into a cut-out window, and that's what the players sign.  This has a lot of great stuff going on from the overall look to the trademark "Rudy T." signature to Michigan's logo, the awesome old-school shot of Rudy, and finally, the address of Crisler Arena.  Wow!  Rudy is the 19th different member of my basketball PC.
Loy Vaught 2000-01 Upper Deck National Sports Collectors Convention 1 of 1 (1/1)
...and the 20th(!) is this NSCC 1/1 of former Wolverine/Piston Loy Vaught!  Some of these stamped 1/1s have come under scrutiny since a seller or two has flooded eBay with them, but I trust the National versions more than some of the others, so I'll happily welcome Vaught to the collection.  Loy was another member of the program's last title-winning team that went on to the pros (first round, Clippers, 1990), where he enjoyed an 11-year career.  This is my 39th 1/1 and it's fun that it's also my first hit of the player.

Doug, as always I owe you big-time for some great stuff, but I do have a few things squirreled away that will make their way across the border before you know it!


  1. And there is yet another package on its way stateside as I type this. Just don't expect quite the variety you saw in this one. But at least the write up of those pictured will be simple.

    1. That package worked out great too, thanks again!