Tuesday, August 11, 2015

8/2/15 card show report: the new guys

The cardboard gods were smiling upon me once again last Sunday during the monthly card show I like to attend.  That was especially true for the Michigan portions of my collection.  Check these out:
Tom Brady 2011 Topps Gold (#204) (#0550/2011)
Chad Henne 2008 Topps Mayo RC
Chad Henne 2008 Topps Mayo Mini Black Backs
I believe each of these was $0.50, and I thought that was very reasonable for a numbered Brady insert.  I also managed to add a new Henne to my rookies collection along with a Mini parallel of that very same card to go with my other inserts.

Mike Gillette 2006 TK Legacy auto
Paul Staroba 2007 TK Legacy auto
Chris Zurbrugg 2007 TK Legacy auto
The real highlights for me came in the form of this trio of TK Legacy M Go Blue autos.  My total from the set moved up to 128 (out of 185) thanks to these three additions to my football PC (194 subjects strong!).  Here's some quick info on each guy since they haven't been featured yet:

  • Gillette was a PK and P from 1985-88.  He appeared in 49 games and went 130/133 on PATs and 57/81 on FGs.  Here he is scoring on a beautiful 40-yard fake punt run against MSU in 1988.
  • Staroba was a WR (and punter!) from 1968-70.  In 31 career games he caught four TDs (two each in '68 and '70), then was a third-round pick of the Browns in '71.  He appeared in 10 games between 1972-73, catching two passes (one for a TD), rushing once for 11 yards, and punting 12 times for the '73 Packers.
  • Zurbrugg was a QB from 1984-86 and saw the bulk of his playing time in '84 when starter Jim Harbaugh went down with a broken arm, but he made appearances in 37 career games over those three seasons.

$3 a pop is a no-brainer for me when it comes to these, plus I always love the history lesson that accompanies them.

Don Lund 2004 TK Legacy Varsity Club auto
Speaking of TK Legacy, here's another fun autograph from that product, specifically the Multisport set from 2004.  As many of you know, I PC Lund, a football star who went on to a brief career in Major League Baseball.  However, that clearly wasn't enough different sports for him, so here he is on a card that makes him the 18th different player in my basketball PC.  That puts him in an exclusive club that I believe is limited to Drew Henson and Bill Freehan as far as my collection goes.  Another $3 well spent!

Chris Tamer 1996-97 Be A Player Autographs Silver auto
With the upcoming NHL season looming, why not a hockey card as well?  I was flipping through a box of $2 hits when this one caught my eye.  "Chris Tamer..." I said to myself.  "His name sounds familiar--didn't Doug send me something of his before?"  YEP!  It took me a while to find the trade post from 2013 and the third package he sent me.  Anyway, I hadn't realized Tamer had any hits so I quickly snapped up this Silver version of his BaP auto from 96-97, and that makes him player #38 in my hockey collection!

Another great show for my PCs, and I'm already looking forward to the next one.


  1. Just so you know, my latest COMC envelope that I will pass your way will see 3 new faces for the hit collection, and 5 new faces overall. Assuming I counted correctly. Which I likely didn't. But I might have a small envelope for you in the meantime and in between time. Watch your mailbox!

  2. I had to jog my memory and look up Tamer. Those mid 90's role players get lost on that team sometimes because of the star power.

    1. Yeah, most of my memories of players from that era are limited to the Wings and whoever was good on NHL 93/94/95.