Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 trade package #4: a great package from GSNHoF

Tim from the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame is one trader I go way back with, and the Seneca Wallace supercollector is always fun to work with.  I hadn't had a package from him to show off on this blog since mid-2013, so that makes the very generous envelope I received from him a week or two ago extra special.  Here's the contents:
First up is what Tim accurately described as a "random" addition--a graded Brandon Waring Bowman Draft card.  While it mostly serves as an illustration of the ridiculousness of grading, I couldn't help but crack a smile because I know exactly why this came into his possession.  During his project to accumulate funds for an attempt at an ultra-rare Wallace card, Tim worked on a flipping project on Blowout (and other forums) adding and selling stuff, and a number of these came into his possession.  Since it's mine now, maybe I'll find a fun way to crack it open!

Pretty much everything else he sent me came from COMC, which is his current site-of-choice for flipping, which he's gotten quite good at.  You can read more about that in various posts on his blog.
Rich Hill 2008 Upper Deck Goudey Mini Black Backs (#34/34)
First up is this very useful mini of blog favorite Rich Hill from the '08 Goudy set.  #d 34/34, this is the Black version of the five total minis, putting me short just the Green (/88) and Taupe (/8, and wait a minute, TAUPE?!) cards.  I now have 231 of Hill's 347, and a grand total of 243.

Next, how about a five-pack of the QB with the most playoff TDs of all time?  You all know I'm pulling for Brady's Pats to overcome the ridiculous media-hyped Ballghazi propaganda and take home another title!

And now, some great football hits:
Ronald Bellamy 2003 SAGE HIT Autographs Silver auto
Here's a semi-Michigan uni card since Bellamy's wearing the school's famed winged helmet.  Speaking of the East-West game, don't forget to check out the latest incarnation of Key & Peele's hilarious skit.  As for this card, it goes with my Emerald version of the same issue, and it's my 5th of the Underachieving All-Star.
Tim Biakabutuka 2000 Absolute Leather and Laces ball (#153/350)
Leave it to a guy who spends a good amount of time on COMC to find a card I've never seen before.  The beautiful blue background of this Biakabutuka (alliteration FTW) goes very well with the Panthers uni Tim's (sort-of) namesake is wearing, plus the ball swatch (instead of a jersey) is a nice change of pace.  Touchdown Tim is now represented in my collection nine times.
Elvis Grbac 2001 Upper Deck Rookie F-X Legends In The Making jersey
And here's another one I don't recall seeing before.  Grbac doesn't seem to have appeared on many hits since his playing days were mostly before the true boom of autos and relics, and that means I'm excited anytime I can add something new of his.  Thankfully Tim thought to send this my way, and I now have four hits of the QB they called Elvis.
Kevin Koger 2012 Press Pass Fanfare auto
From the "this never had a chance to scan well" file is this auto of TE Kevin Koger from a 2012 Press Pass product.  Rest assured that it looks better in-person, and Koger does have a cool signature.  I labeled this as "Michigan uniform" because it's obvious he's in one even if the design blocks out most of it.  I now have five hits of Mr. Koger "Plus."
Ty Law 2004 Topps Pristine Clutch Performers jersey
It's been hard for me to find reasonably-priced hits of Law and I'm still trying to land an auto of his but Tim sent me this cool relic from 2004 Pristine.  My favorite part of it, though, is the back:
Memories of that game give me the warm fuzzies, but then again I tend to enjoy any game where Peyton gets smoked, even if it's not by one of the best corners the Wolverines sent to the NFL.  Ty moves up to a total of four cards thanks to this one.
Chris Perry 2004 Fleer Platinum Pro Material Jerseys Die Cut jersey (#53/99)
I'm familiar with this set because I have a couple other versions of Perry's cards from it, both of which include a signature and jersey, and one of which has the same cool die-cut design with the piping.  It's always nice to get a relic where the swatch is complemented by a nice design.  Perry ties Adrian Arrington for sixth place with his 43rd hit here.
Anthony Thomas 2002 SP Legendary Cuts SP Classic Threads  jersey (#347/350)
For some reason I think this is the hit today that had my favorite design, which isn't generally the case when it comes to relics.  As usual I can't explain what about it really makes me like it, but the larger-than-usual jersey swatch is a plus, and the shot of the A-Train steaming ahead gives me good memories of his playing days here in Ann Arbor.  Another card further separates him from teammate David Terrell as Thomas hits a small milestone with his 40th card.

There were four more hits in the package that ended up being dupes through no fault of Tim's--I hadn't posted any of them by the time he sent this package.  That's never a bad thing, though, as I'm happy to have them as trade bait if nothing else.
And don't worry, Jeff, that Henne is already earmarked for you!

Mr. SpastikMooss, I want to thank you again for a fantastic and generous trade package, and I'll be happy to repay you in kind soon, even if it's not necessarily stuff for your more obscure PCs.  Readers, I haven't said this in a while, so here's a reminder to follow another great blog, the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame!

p.s.  I'm not sure what your intentions were including that Drew Stanton card, but I'm looking forward to seeing how much it's improved after I run it through my garbage disposal!


  1. I think I was thinking Lions (from long ago), but yeah I kinda figured he might be more bad than good. Consider it payback for all the Aaron Hernandez cards!

    1. Bleh, you can keep the Lions too! And sending you cards of a soon-to-be-convicted murderer is funny, but sending me stuff of one of my school's rivals is just plain mean.

      Thanks again for all the great stuff!

  2. Some great names up there that I haven't seen in awhile (Biakabutuka, Grbac).

    Go Blue and for this Sunday, Go Patriots!

    1. Yep, props to Tim for finding the less common guys, especially Grbac! Also, now that it's a few weeks later, WOO PATRIOTS!

  3. I really like that Henne card. I'll see if I can come up with something to trade you for it.

    1. I've already set it aside for Jeff but I can let you know if I come into possession of another one.