Saturday, January 24, 2015

1/2/15 card show report: new year, new Wolverines

Three Fridays again I hit up the monthly Taylor Town Trade Center show, and $55 later I was a bit poorer but had some nice cards to show for my efforts.  Some can be seen on TMV while others may be headed to a mailbox near you.  And of course the rest are right here:
Barry Larkin 1997 Finest Bronze Refractor
Leading off is this beautiful Refractor of Barry Larkin from '97 Finest.  I got it for either $0.50 or a quarter, and either way it was a big-time steal.  Besides that I love the design of the set, so I was thrilled to add this beauty as my 243rd Larkin.

From the seller I grabbed a complete set of 2007 Topps Draft football for just $5.  You can see a few other highlights over on TMV, but here's the real reason I picked it up:
Base cards of Brady, Braylon, and Avant.  Three Wolverines isn't bad in a smaller set like Draft.
And the true highlights for me:  college uni RCs of Hall, Breaston, and Woodley.  The set's design is a bit goofy, but I can't say no to the excellent college photos, especially with three guys that went on to have decent (Breaston) to excellent (Hall and Woodley) careers, with the latter still hanging in there.

Those weren't the only Michigan Football RCs I found:
Denard Robinson 2013 Finest RC
Here's Shoelace's entry from 2013 Finest.  It's my 7th Denard to grace the RC collection and I'll happily add more as I find them.
Charles Woodson 1998 Bowman RC
I assumed I had this Woodson from '98 Bowman but grabbed it anyway, and good thing I did, because as it turns out I didn't have it yet.  I do have his Bowman Chrome version, though as one of 11 Woodson RCs.

I had a bit less luck finding any football inserts, but did dig up this one:
Braylon Edwards 2011 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor
I already have Bray-Bray's "regular" Refractor in-hand so I could slowly put the rainbow together if I had the desire.

And now for the best stuff--how about some hits!
Brian Griese 2002 Titanium Post Season jersey (#339/435)
Even without seeing the brand or logos on this card I bet most of you would easily identify this as a Pacific card.  Still, for something like $1 (or maybe less, I forget), it's a solid Denver jersey swatch, and numbered to 435 for some odd reason.  This his is my 13th of Griese.
Jake Long 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Rookie Gridiron Gems Jerseys Prime patch (#27/50)
This patchtastic Long was tied with the Topps Draft set for my biggest purchase of the day at $5, but in the end I just couldn't help it because it's a nice big multicolored patch.  After going a while without any new Longs I now have a total of 68 of the oft-injured OT.
Anthony Thomas 2002 Topps Pristine Driving Force jersey
With apologies to a blogger who sent me this in an upcoming trade post, here's a cool A-Train jersey from Topps' obscure Pristine product, which goes along well with...
Anthony Thomas 2002 Upper Deck Battle-Worn jersey
...another Thomas jersey relic!  Between the two I'd go with the more colorful Pristine relic, bur fortunately for me I don't have to choose.  A-Train flips the script on David Terrell and jumps ahead of him by one hit with a new count of 39.
J.T. White 2005 TK Legacy auto
My final football hit is a newcomer from one of my favorite sets, TK Legacy.  I pick these up whenever I see them and didn't have to think twice when this one came up at the show.  White, a center, was a true rarity:  a player that lined up for both Ohio State and Michigan, in that order, with time off in-between due to WWII.  Even stranger, he managed to win a national title with both teams before carving out a short career as a coach.  He's the 125th card (out of 185) in my TK Legacy collection and is most definitely welcome as the 188th member of my football PC as well!

Besides football I also found a pair of hockey hits:
Mike Cammalleri 2013-14 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics jersey
Cammalleri checks in today with a nice sized Flames jersey swatch from a UD product of a couple years ago.  The oft-traveled winger was in his second Flames stint here but has since moved on to the Devils starting this season.  This jersey is my 8th hit of Mike's.
Marty Turco 2007-08 Upper Deck Trilogy Honorary Swatches jerseyUp
Now here's a guy who's no stranger to this blog--Turco makes yet another appearance with this tiny jersey swatch.  Marty still leads all comers to the hockey PC with 27 hits thanks to this issue from UD that's around eight years old at this point.

All in all it was another successful show, and I hope to be able to attend another one soon to have even more goods to post.  Before then you'll see some more new trade posts from excellent bloggers!


  1. That is a pretty sweet patch for $5. Anytime a Pirate patch pops up like that I would spend that much without even caring who the player is.

    1. I'm with you, even if it's "event-worn" it's just fun when they look that nice, and $5 is a reasonable price to pay for something like that.

  2. Lol glad you got my package! I figured you'd potentially get some in the meantime since you're always grabbing cards, but hopefully most of them will be new!

    1. And I even finally got caught up eventually! Thanks for what was new plus some trait bait too!