Sunday, November 30, 2014

2014 trade package #18: ALL THE WOLVERINES from Bob Walk the Plank

Here's a quick trade post for a Sunday night after Michigan Football's final game of the year:

Matt of Bob Walk the Plank sent me yet another great trade package with a note that said something to the effect of "Tag!  You're it!"  I'm looking forward to responding in kind, and if you see what he sent I think you'll agree that it'll be a tall task:
This is a flat out jaw-dropping pile of Michigan hits.  What's funny is that I happen to own every single one of them, but that doesn't make the assortment any less generous.  Plus I'm kind of hard to shop for, especially in the football department as I'm inching closer to 1000 unique hits!  The three up top and the Turco are all spoken for but if anyone's interested in any or all of the remaining five please let me know, otherwise I'll probably get them to COMC in the future.

Besides that Wowverine pile of cards, Matt did include one that I was happy to find I needed:
Brendan Morrison 2000-01 BAP Signature Series Gold auto
As always, hooray for BAP!  This B-Mo hails from the 2000-01 set and is the Gold parallel of his regular card that I already own.  That year's design is in my top two with the 2002-03 set, and it has a nice plus of creating a clear area for the signature, which is on-card, by the way.  I also prefer the Gold card not just because it's a bit rarer, but because it's nicer to look at and scan, with the other being a very reflective silver.

This is my 23rd hit of Morrison in my hockey PC, and the cards with autos again outnumber the relics by one, which is great.  He's still second to Marty Turco, who has 24, but that's a competition that always results in an obvious winner:  me.  By the way, I'm nearing a couple interesting milestones as I stand at 149 hockey hits and 1397 in terms of all sports; my next trade post (take a wild guess who's involved!) will give me a few things to celebrate for sure.

Thanks again for 10 outstanding Wolverines hits, Matt, and rest assured that I appreciate all of them and that none will go to waste.  I'm also taking being "it" very seriously as I hope you'll get to see within a couple weeks!.  Readers, check out Matt's impressive Pirates and WVU collections, including a sweet new Cutch auto, over at Bob Walk the Plank.


  1. I have a round 2 ready for you. I'm sure it will be more you already have, but I think I may be able to add something new for your collection.

    1. Sounds great! I'll have something out to you in the next couple weeks as well, so maybe I can "tag" you back briefly.

  2. If I had something to trade with, I'd ask for some.

    1. Right, as if it wasn't obvious that the two Harts and a Michigan uni of Henne were headed your way!