Saturday, November 1, 2014

2014 Michigan Gameday #9: vs. Indiana

It's homecoming in Ann Arbor on this chilly fall afternoon, though for one former member of the program, failed AD Dave Brandon, you might call it homeleaving.  With his departure, as well as the expected eventual firing of head coach Brady Hoke after the season, there's a new feeling of hope among fans that their eventual replacements will bring the team back to national prominence once again.  Brandon's buyout was step one towards that goal, and now fans can again focus on a team that could use some support during such a trying season.  This year's results no longer matter, but things may improve soon enough that we'll forget the adversity of 2014 for good.

Amid all of that, Indiana comes to town with a 3-4 record (to Michigan's 3-5) with a big win over then-#18 Missouri six weeks ago the lone highlight during another mediocre season.  RB Tevin Coleman and his 11 TDs loom for the Wolverine defense, however.  Can Michigan maintain focus on this game with the hoopla surrounding the AD situation and lame duck coach Brady Hoke?  Here's hoping for a bounce-back game for Devin Gardner and the struggling offense on a team that's won just once in its last five games.  Let's try to build some momentum in the penultimate home game of 2014, and most of all,

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