Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014 COMC and eBay purchases: Shawntilla the Hunwick

And we're back with more COMC pickups which hail from a package comprising purchases from September and October.

First up is former walk-on mighty-mite Shawn Hunwick, who led the Wolverines to an improbable NCAA championship game berth his senior year, then saw three minutes of NHL playing time with the Blue Jackets in a 2011-12 contest.  That fact didn't prevent him from appearing on a nice number of cards between 2012-2014, though!  Here's what I found of him this time:
Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 Certified RC (#513/999) and Mirror Red (#062/100)
This pair represents my first of Hunwick's entries from 2012-13 Certified.  There are six total, including the above base RC and Mirror Red, with the other four being Mirror parallels as well--Blue, Emerald, Gold, and Hot Box.  I like the shiny design, plus the fact that the parallels appear to improve on the base concept with their varying colors.
Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 Panini Rookie Anthology Prizm auto
Next up is this beautiful autograph from 2012-13 Prizm.  That product from Panini is responsible for some pretty cool designs, and I really like what they did here, in what's essentially a Refractor version of the base.  Also, Kudos to Shawn for adding his jersey number.  All told, he has eight cards to chase from this subset of that year's Rookie Anthology product, and I have two, including this Father's Day Pulsar insert.
Shawn Hunwick 2013-14 Panini Titanium Metallic Marks auto
Not as exciting but still very nice is this second signature of Hunwick in what proved to be his only 2013-14 card.  Maybe the product was a sticker dump?  Anyway, I now I have six Hunwick hits, five of which include autographs, so that's cool.  Also great is that every one of his cards features at least some of his college gear, showing off that block "M"!

While I'm at it, I can actually claim ownership of SEVEN Hunwick hits thanks to this related eBay purchase from last week:
Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 The Cup Printing Plates SP Game Used Yellow (1/1)
A bit more than $13 was enough to earn me my first Hunwick plate, and this one's a doozy--I mean it's THICK!  The plate is embedded in a card that I assume is as thick as the base cards and/or hits are, so that makes sense.  It ends up being kind of a cool way to display it, along the lines of what you get with the framed Topps products' mini plate designs.  Anyway, I'm thrilled to add my first 1/1 of this major player in my PC.

Today's pickups give me a new total of 15 Hunwicks, including the plate, and in terms of his PC I now stand at 14/71, meaning I'm about 20% there, so lots of work remains!

Stay tuned for two more posts which will show off my baseball and football pickups this time.

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