Sunday, August 3, 2014

This week on MSO–Wolverines

We are less than a month away from our first game, are you getting pumped?  I ordered my tickets for the Minnesota game, there wasn’t too much to choose from since we got crap for home games this year but it was either that game at the end of September or a game in November and with my luck, it will be freezing by then.

Let’s get this weeks posts.

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Happy 4th.<br />(Photo: NBA)<br />

Chris Webber

michiganathletics:<br /><br />So, whaddaya think?<br />

2014-15 Non-conference schedule

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Trey.<br />

Trey Burke

michiganathletics:<br /><br />USA<br />

Gerald Ford

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Hi.<br />

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Tom Terrific.<br />

Tom Brady

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Ty.<br />

Tyrone Wheatley

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Catch me if you can.<br />

Dennis Norfleet

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Brian Griese’s out here winning national titles. <br />(via Michigan Athletics on Pinterest)<br />

Brian Griese

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Touchdown.<br />(Photo: Gilman)<br />

Mike Hart

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Eyes on the prize.<br />

Devin Funchess

michiganathletics:<br /><br />yourhanddinmine:<br /><br />I’m ready for football season  gettin excited #8weeks #getmethere #iwannatailgate #goblue (at The Big House)<br /><br />Soon enough.<br />

lifeonfile:<br /><br />Under the Lights<br />

the Big House – Under the Lights

Watch lists for this year

<br /><br /><br />Taylor Lewan lifts Denard Robinson (a la Patrick Swayze &amp; Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing) into the air before Denard’s last game at the Big House || Erin Kirkland - Michigan Daily<br /><br /><br />

Taylor Lewan and Denard Robinson

“the Pose”

benknerillustrations:<br /><br />The immortal Bo Schembechler.<br />

Bo Schembechler

michiganathletics:<br /><br />No filter.<br />

U of M pool

Hope you all have a great week and be sure to check us out here next Sunday or follow us daily at MSO – Wolverines.  Go Blue!!!

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