Sunday, August 10, 2014

8-10-14 card show report: show me the Wolverines

As you might have read over on TMV tonight, I hit up the usual card show for the second month in a row thanks to my lack of interest in anything on the usual sites for now.  I spent most of my money on trade bait and a box of 2013 SPx football (reviewed on TMV), but I did dig up five Wolverines on the cheap that I'm happy to show off to you now:
Charlie Gehringer 2003 SP Legendary Cuts Etched in Time 175 (#079/175)
This not-quite-manurelic Gehringer has a cool "etching" on a wood-like piece inserted into the card (see the base version here).  It looked too nice to pass up for just a couple bucks, and it highlights the Mechanical Man entering the Hall in 1949.  Three versions were made, with the other two being numbered to 400 and 300 (though what's stamped on the piece stays the same).  This is my 18th Gehringer, and one of my nicest ones at that!
George Sisler 1979 Topps #411 (with Ty Cobb)
I scored my second-oldest Sisler (to this '61 Fleer) for less than a buck today in the form of this '79 Topps All-Time Record Holders card that notes Sisler and Ty Cobb as the season and career hit leaders at the time.  Cobb's record of 4191 stood from 1928 to 1985, when Pete Rose broke it.  Sisler's, meanwhile, lasted from his 257-hit 1920 season until it was finally topped by Ichiro in 2004 when the Mariner compiled 262 (while appearing in seven more games and with 73 additional at-bats).  That means Gorgeous George's mark needed 84 years to be broken!  It's fun to have a card to note that feat, and it join's Sisler's PC as his 49th card.
Braylon Edwards 2011 Timeless Treasures Jerseys jersey (#173/250)
For just $1 I added this cool Braylon Edwards jersey which arrives in the form of this 2011 Timeless Treasures card whose design I can't help but like for some reason.  If I had to guess, it's the borderless photo.  Not a bad relic for Bray-Bray, and maybe the first card of the cameraman making a cameo on the sideline?  This is Braylon #55 in the football PC if you're counting.
Denard Robinson 2013 Finest Jumbo Jersey Autographs Refractors jersey auto
Remember when I scored that Tulo auto ridiculously cheap at a previous show?  I made sure to hit that guy's tables again and once more he had some sparkling deals on some nice stuff in the form of $4 or 3/$10 cards (and more).  I grabbed a few of those for others, but one I was shocked to find for myself was this Denard auto/jersey from 2013 Finest.  It's my second auto/relic of Shoelace after Sam the Dimwit sent me this auto/patch from the same set.  Considering I would have happily paid a few more bucks for it, I was thrilled.  It's my 6th Denard hit overall and I'm having a surprisingly ok time finding his stuff at reasonable prices.
Tyrone Wheatley 2005 Zenith Z-Jerseys jersey
Last up is this Raiders black jersey of thundering RB Tyrone Wheatley.  A buck was all it took to pry it away from the same seller that had the Braylon.  You can't go wrong with a non-white swatch plus Panini's signature Dufex Technology!  My second relic of the former bruiser is my fifth Tyrone overall.

For my money it was definitely another productive show, and better yet, I only had to scan five cards to show off this time!


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    1. Thanks! I'm gonna make sure to hit that guy's table as much as I can before that place closes.

  2. Can't believe you got that Robinson so cheap. Nice grab.

    I remember those Donruss Zenith's, I want to say they're pretty thick if I'm remembering correctly.

    1. Maybe you can make it to one of those shows with me before Gibraltar in Taylor closes.

      And you're correct, it's a pretty thick card.