Friday, July 25, 2014

2014 eBay purchases: an Ontiveros bites the dust, and more!

Moving on from my COMC purchases, here's a 10-card pickup that comes to me directly from eBay, namely well-known (for many reasons, some good, some bad) seller Burbank Sports Cards.  The megaseller had a specific card that led to this buy, but the shipping price wasn't worth it for just one card, so I found 10 I needed for a surprisingly reasonable $12.31 shipped.  Here's those two hands' worth of additions:
Red Berenson 2004-05 ITG Franchises US East and US West
ITG made some interesting cards in '04/'05 including this pair of Berensons that depict him with two of the teams for which he played.  Along with those I have the US West autograph, which still shows Red with the Blues but opts for a different photo.
Red Berenson 2009-10 ITG 1972 The Year In Hockey (#38)
The other Red I picked up is this red-filled Red Wings card from a more recent ITG set.  It nicely replicates the '72 OPC/Topps design, though if you compare them you can see where ITG took a few liberties, which still results in a pretty cool card.

Three new Reds--featuring Red in older days--boost his PC nicely as I now have 24/55, putting me nice and close to 50%!

Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Revolution RC
Ah, good--I can finally knock this Dransfeldt RC off my list.  I've had the Shadow Series parallel for a while, but the base card remained out of my reach due to incomprehensibly high prices, up to the point that I found this one on eBay.  Since Kelly has a notably small collection, every little bit helps, and this one puts me a card shy of 50% at 22/45, with plenty of tougher finds to come.

Bill Freehan 1970 O-Pee-Chee (#335)
It seems like it's been a while since I added a vintage Freehan to his collection, but that's because I put the Topps versions to bed a while ago, and some of the OPC editions have been a bit tougher to find, at least at reasonable prices.  This '70 O-Pee-Chee is the second of Bill's cards in that set because, like the Topps version, he has an All-Star card as well.  Although his Topps cards go back to 1963, 1970 was just Bill's third appearance in the Canadian alternative.
Bill Freehan 2004 UD Legends Timeless Teams (#26)
Another card I'd been dying to mark off the list is this one from '04 UD Legends Timeless Teams, which also includes a base card of Bill for the '72 squad.  Obviously the '68 champs are much more notable, so I'm glad to have finally landed this one.  I now have both base cards and their autographed versions--'68 and '72.

This pair allows me to continue plugging along on Bill's PC with an updated count of 77/132.

Scott Kamieniecki 1994 Stadium Club Members Only Parallel
Scott Kamieniecki 1994 Stadium Club Team First Day Issue
With this pair of parallels, I can finally close the book on Scott Kamieniecki's cards from the 1994 Stadium Club sets.  The main (a.k.a. "Label Maker") set had three variations while the Team set had just the First Day Issue and it's cool, shiny stamp.  You can probably imagine that I was pretty happy to knock these two off for what I considered a reasonable price.  As it turns out, I'm also glad to report that I'm nearing the end of my quest for Scott's collection as I now own 81 of his 90 issues!

Mike Matheny 2004 Donruss Stat Line Career (#052/273)
Matheny is the only guy in today's post that I'm not gunning for as a Supercollection--e.g. I'm not chasing his run to completion.  That doesn't mean I can't still pick up stuff of his from time to time, especially if it's from a set I really enjoy.  I previously found his Season Stat Line from the same year (which scanned WAY better, by the way), and when I saw that Burbank had the career version, I thought it would be a great time to pair those up.  This one is numbered to 273 to highlight his career total of runs scored between 1994 and 2003; he'd end his career three seasons later with 353.

That might not have been much of a milestone, but this one's more significant to me:  the card you see above is my 50th of the manager of the reigning NL champs.  Here's to 50 more!

Steve Ontiveros 1995 Upper Deck Electric Diamond Gold
Alphabetically last but most definitely not least is this Gold Electric Diamond parallel from '95 Upper Deck.  If you'd like to know why I'm so excited about landing this card, which keyed the whole purchase, it's not just because I now have the trio that includes the base card and Silver Electric Diamond; I have all of Steve's cards, as in all 71 of them, making him my fifth completed player collection!  Considering I collect so many guys, including a bunch of supercollections, I'm thrilled to have completed another project.  Check out his collection here or have a look at my proof in the form of his PC checklist here.  And feel free to place your bets on who'll be next to the 100% mark.

I have a few more eBay scores to show off to you in bunches soon, including an incredibly exciting (to me) project that pretty much ate up my July budget, so watch out for those posts.

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