Thursday, July 3, 2014

2014 COMC purchases: take me down to the parallel city

Here's some more baseball PC pickups from COMC in a special 100% parallel edition:

Jim Abbott 2013 USA Baseball Champions Legends Certified Die-Cut (#026/699)
I haven't seen a lot of Abbotts that interested me on COMC recently, but this one sure looked like a winner.  Jim appears on a nice number of cards in Panini's 2013 USA Baseball Champions set thanks to his legendary Team USA career, and besides a base card, he's got a bunch of different versions of a die-cut parallel, like this one here.  I really like how it looks, but the colored "Mirror" versions also look great, and I'll have to see if I can pick those up too.  For now, I have 93 Abbott cards.

Scott Kamieniecki 1994 Finest Refractor
Scott was one of the bigger winners among my supercollections this time.  First up is this beautiful Refractor from Finest's second-year entry in 1994.  This and the base card still have that goofy color scheme, but there's no way you can't enjoy a Refractor!
Scott Kamieniecki 1995 Donruss Press Proof
I believe Pinnacle kicked off the Artist's Proof/Press Proof craze in 1994, and Donruss followed suit the next year with this set, limited to a "scant" 2000 copies.  Donruss took the base card and added gold foil as well as the "PRESS PROOF" notation at the top.  This wasn't a bad start, but I prefer the '96 version, which you'll see a bit later.
Scott Kamieniecki 1996 Collector's Choice Silver Signature
The most ho-hum card today is this parallel from 1996 Collector's Choice, though as I've said, I do prefer '96's versions that include colored borders.  This card completes the trio for me as I already picked up the base and Gold Signature versions.
Scott Kamieniecki 1997 Ultra Platinum Medallion
I was excited that I was finally able to land one of Kamieniecki's toughest cards, this '97 Platinum Medallion from Ultra, which has a different image than the base card, by the way..  Print runs are limited to a not-impossible 200 copies, but I have yet to see multiple versions of most of the cards from the large set.  It was a little tough plunking down $5.65 (accepted offer) for a non-hit, but my desire to complete Scott's collection overrode my frugality in this case.  And with these four, I now have 79 of his 89 cards in my possession, close to 90%!

Steve Ontiveros 1995 and 1996 Donruss Press Proof
If Kamieniecki had a productive day thanks to a four-card haul, Ontiveros did even better.  "With just two cards?" you ask?  As it turns out, Ontiveros has 71 cards in his run, and these two put me at 70, meaning I'm almost done with another PC!
This pair of Press Proofs includes the '95 version, like Kamieniecki's above, plus the '96 card, which I prefer since I think the base design is superior.  For some reason I just like the latter's layout better, including the cool shiny Donruss logo.
Stay tuned to find out if/when I can land the very last card to complete Steve's PC!

Clayton Richard 2014 Topps Green
Clayton Richard 2014 Topps Toys R Us Purple Border
Clayton Richard 2014 Topps Wal Mart Blue Border
Finally I have for you today this trio of cards that exemplifies Topps' disturbing obsession with repetitive colored parallels, including the store-specific exclusive Purple and Blue and the rack pack-pulled Green.  I've now acquired seven of Clayton's cards from 2014 flagship and yet I still have FIVE more to go--Black, Camo, Clear, Pink, and Yellow, all of which are numbered except the latter.  Yeesh.  Richard's collection now stands at 105/145, and hopefully I can increase that number elsewhere before long.

Come back tomorrow (or soon) for more!


  1. Nice Abbott in the USA jersey. Hope you have a safe and happy 4th.

    1. Thanks! And I did, hope you did too.