Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 COMC purchases: the football hits keep coming, part 1 of 2

Who needs an introduction more in-depth than "here's some more football hits I picked up on COMC"?  Feast your eyes on these:
Derrick Alexander 2001 Private Stock Game Worn Gear jersey
While I mostly shy away from relics these days--more because I prefer autographs than because "authenticity" has become muddled in the hobby--I found a good number that set me back less than $2, and in many cases closer to a buck.  Count Alexander in when it comes to that list, in the form of this tiny red Chiefs swatch from a 2001 Pacific product.  It's my 5th hit of the star WR.
Victor Hobson 2003 Topps All American Fabric of America jersey
I was a bit surprised to find I didn't have anything of Hobson in my hits PC when I went to update my list.  Apparently, the reason is that this is literally his only hit despite appearing in 79 NFL games over six seasons.  A bruising linebacker, he spent most of his career with the Jets after they made him their second-round pick in 2003.  He's welcome to join the many other single-carders in my collection, and I'm glad his only relic shows him in a Wolverines helmet!
Marlin Jackson 2009 Topps Magic auto
Now here's a guy who's no stranger around here.  Marlin is making his 16th appearance in my PC, but I'm more excited about this one than usual since this is my 7th Wolverine from the '09 Topps Magic auto set.  I've counted at least 16 Michigan players in the set, so I'm not even halfway there, but this is still very encouraging, and it definitely came out of the blue as it's the first of Jackson I've seen on any of the sites.  Standard superlatives apply--love the beautiful artwork, design, etc.  Welcome to the collection!
Jon Jansen 1999 SAGE Autographs Bronze auto (#431/650)
Let's put down Jansen as a "vague acquaintance" since this is only my second hit of the big lineman since I last nabbed one more than two years ago at a show.  That one has a better photo and overall design, but this one was fun to grab too since it still includes a very nice autograph and a photo of Jon with the Wolverines, while also noting his draft selection.
Kevin Koger 2012 Press Pass Autographs Silver auto
This Koger auto (my fourth) is decidedly low-end since you don't get much plainer and more airbrushed than that.  Still, it was under a buck, and I'm always glad to land a signature of "Koger plus."
Mario Manningham 2008 Upper Deck Icons Class of 2008 Jersey Silver jersey (#053/199)
Super Mario!  This is another of today's low-end-ish relics, but again, for around a buck I couldn't resist adding something else to the PC of the guy after whom I named this here blog.  Manningham's 43 cards put tie him with former WR teammate Adrian Arrington for 5th place, and we'll see which one's next to join the 50-card club.
Anthony Thomas 2003 Topps Pristine Pristine Performance jersey
A-Train, meanwhile, moves up into a tie for 10th place with former Michigan/Bears teammate David Terrell (as it should be) thanks to this, his 34th hit.  Pristine is a set I'm sure nobody misses, but some of the cards were actually pretty cool, including this relic set.  I previously grabbed a Toomer from the same set, likely also for a low, low price.
Gabe Watson 2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear Autographs Gold Holofoil auto (#004/175)
Today's starting eight ends with Big Gabe Watson on another shiny red autograph.  Of my seven hits of the big man (all autos), he's pictured as a Wolverine in two of them, and the other five, including this one, depict him in some Arizona Cardinals red.  A nice bold autograph completes the package on a card I'm sure I would have grabbed even if it wasn't as cheap as I found it.

Eight more hits go into the football hits PC for a new total of 855 as I push closer and closer to 1000.

Stay tuned for two final COMC pickup posts (for now) covering more baseball PC guys, then a football hits grand finale!


  1. I'm with you on the Topps Magic, I love their cards.

    1. Me too, I want them all! Too bad pretty much all of the ones I'm missing are short-printed, expensive, extremely hard to find, or all of the above.