Monday, June 23, 2014

2014 eBay purchase: 400 Griese reasons to celebrate!

Today's post marks a minor (but still cool) milestone in the life of this here blog:  400 posts!  I wanted to celebrate with something cool, and fortunately, eBay was up to the task.

You may remember that over the course of just a few weeks last May, I picked up 2002 Absolute Memorabilia Signing Bonus framed plaque dealies of Anthony Thomas and David Terrell.  I was thrilled to land both of those fairly tough-to-find items, while mentioning that I was still looking for the third Wolverine in the set...this guy:
Brian Griese 2002 Absolute Memorabilia Signing Bonus framed manujersey auto (#154/175)

and the back:
As I'd been doing for a while a few times a week, I ran a quick eBay search for "Signing Bonus" in the football section of eBay, and just like I was surprised to see the first two show up, I was stunned when this Griese was actually listed.  I hadn't seen one for a few years, also on eBay, from a seller who wouldn't take less than $30.  My total here:  $26 shipped, a price I willingly paid knowing I probably wouldn't have a crack at another one for quite a while.

I now have one frame of all three Wolverines in the set:  A-Train's #d /50 (second rarest of the three), Terrell's of 200 (the rarer of the two), and this Griese /175 (the most common of his three versions).  I don't see any point in trying to track down every version when I'm happy to have one of each, which I can now hang proudly on my wall all together, like-a so:

Hooray Absolute Memorabilia Signing bonuses, and hooray 400 posts!


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    1. Thanks! I'm really excited to have all three now, obviously.