Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 COMC pickups #9: done already?

Well here we are, my final COMC pickup post for January through April of 2014.  I'm sorta getting better at not dragging these out like I have in the past!

Today I have 11 more cards of a total of five players:
Drew Henson 2001 Fleer Platinum RC (with Morales)
Hey, it's a Drew Henson RC!  Surprisingly I didn't have anything first-year of him, other than a bat relic, which doesn't count.  That means I can finally form a trifecta, which is something I might arrange on this blog in the future.  It's also my 25th Henson, which is kind of a fun little milestone.  By the way, does anybody remember Andy Morales?  So much for the Cuban being any kind of prospect--he spent 2001 with an independent team and the Yanks' AA affiliate, then spent all of 16 games with Boston's AA team before he was done for good.
Rich Hill 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor (#094/300)
Refractor!  Hill has just 10 cards from 2002, and the only Bowman Draft/Chrome I still need is the Gold Refractor /50, which will complete that rainbow.  I'm sure I've said before that this is a great looking Chrome set, and "great" gets upgraded to "amazing" when it gets the Refractor treatment.
Rich Hill 2008 Upper Deck Premier Autograph Parallel auto (#12/25)
What's this?  A Rich Hill COMC hit I didn't already have?  BUY BUY BUY!  Less than $4 was enough to land me this very limited 2008 UD Premier auto.  Rich appears on a crazy 22 different cards from that product, many of which are autographs and relics, so this joins that large group.  The card is a "parallel" to the base card, and I also have the even rarer Blue parallel, which features the same color scheme as the base card for whatever reason.  As for this one, say hello to Rich Hill hit #101 and overall card #231 (including 12 1/1s) for the player who continues to dominate my baseball PCs.
Barry Larkin 1994 Donruss Diamond Kings
Well if THIS guy isn't a Diamond King, who is?  The legendary Dick Perez again applied paint to canvass and created some beautiful baseball masterpieces which Donruss then blinged out a bit.  This is exactly the kind of 90s insert I love adding to my PC.
Barry Larkin 1998 Topps Gold Label Class 1
Speaking of fun 90s stuff, here's a great example of a Topps set from that decade that still looks great--Topps Gold Label.  Full-bleed photos get the high-end, super shiny, gold foil treatment, and when you get a player as good as Larkin, the set lives up to its name.
Barry Larkin 2003 Playoff Piece of the Game jersey
And lastly, here's a great looking Larkin relic that I managed to buy for under $5.  It's obviously from one of Cincy's gray unis, meaning it's not a bland white swatch, which means I like it.  It's actually my 14th hit of Barry, tying him with Chris Getz for fourth place in the collection.  Along with the other two cards in the trio, I can now claim ownership of 211 Larkins!
Clayton Richard 2008 Bowman Sterling Gold Refractor (#01/50)
Just one Richard card today, but it's a pretty significant one.  I had this Gold Refractor on my COMC watchlist for a long time, but the seller, in my experience, is notorious for refusing to budge on higher-than-reasonable prices.  I managed to score it on sale for about $2.50, finally, and the fact that it's #01/50 is just a nice bonus.  It goes along nicely with the base card I have, and hopefully I'll land the Refractor and Black Refractor soon.  Best of all, it's my 100th non-1/1 of Clayton, putting me 45 cards away from his run to-date (which could obviously change at any point), so you know I'm in celebration mode!
George Sisler 1961 Fleer (#78)
Well there's a nice start to Sisler's pickups for today!  It's my first actual vintage card of the Hall-of-Famer, even if he doesn't look terribly happy to be there.  I'm also working on trying to pick up the 1960 version to go along with it, so watch for that soon.
George Sisler 2002 Greats of the Game
Greats of the Game is a great set--no need for any other superlatives, I mean, let's be real.  Sadly, it's his only card from the brand!
George Sisler 2005 Artifacts (#0667/1999)
Old George is part of a subset of the main Artifacts set focusing on legends that's numbered to 1999.  It's kind of fun seeing black and white photos on cards with any semblance of color, isn't it?
George Sisler 2007 SP Legendary Cuts
You might recall this set from the post earlier in the series that included Charlie Gehringer.  A classy card from what I like to call the "Rising Sun" set is a nice way to end things today and for this feature...for now.  Sisler, by the way, ends the series with a stout 32 cards in his PC.

Well, it's been lots of fun showing off my COMC haul from the last few months, and, you know, actually getting through them reasonably quickly.  Now it's on to new things from elsewhere, so watch for those soon!

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