Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Week on MSO–Wolverines

It’s Sunday, time to recap the pictures that I post on My Sports Obsession – Wolverines blog.


It was hard to go through and post these photos from last week after watching the heartbreaking loss to Kentucky tonight in the Elite 8.  It was a close game all the way through and very hard fought for both teams.  Losing on a 3 pointer with less than 3 seconds definitely hurts but it doesn’t take away from the great season they had.  Now we sit back and wait to see who announces that they are going to the NBA and who is going to come back for another season.

I wish Jordan Morgan well as he was a senior this year.  We don’t go nearly as far as we did in the tournament without him, he showed up and played his ass off.

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Throwing it back to last March.<br />

Tim Hardaway jr.

michiganathletics:<br /><br />To the round of 32.<br />

Jon Horford

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Back tomorrow.<br />

John Beilein

Michigan vs. Wofford photos

umichstories:<br /><br />Let the Madness begin. #GoBlue<br />

Spike Albrecht

Nik Stauskas to Jordan Morgan

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Roar.<br />

Jordan Morgan

Michigan vs. Texas

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Up next: Tennessee.<br />

Glenn Robinson III

Gif highlights from Michigan vs. Texas

michiganathletics:<br /><br />The season of the most GIF-able sport is upon us.<br />

Jackson Lamb (Sportscenter top 10 highlight)

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Rise and grind.<br />

Derrick Walton jr.

michiganathletics:<br /><br />First Team All-America.<br />

Nik Stauskas – voted unanimous first team All-American

umichstories:<br /><br />At 7:15 PM ET, we work.<br />

We work

michiganathletics:<br /><br />March on.<br />

Zak Irvin

michiganathletics:<br /><br />From Sweet to Elite.<br />

Jordan Morgan

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Survived and advanced.<br />

March On

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Tomorrow.<br />

Caris LeVert


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  1. Sad finish but what a great year! This team appears to be back for good and there's a lot to be excited about once again. Also, Kudos for posting the Lamb catch, I love having it on here in animated GIF form.