Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Week on MSO-Wolverines

It’s Sunday, time to recap the pictures that I post on My Sports Obsession – Wolverines blog.


You know this week is going to be lots of basketball with our Wolverines making the Sweet 16.  A little scary against Wofford but put away Texas fairly easily.  The only downfall of this team is that they can’t put anybody away.  They build a lead, then let the team work their way back into it instead of running up the score and putting them away.  We saw that in both of those games and it scares me every time but they’ve been pulling them out regardless so I shouldn’t complain.  Let’s ride this to a Final 4 appearance followed by a National Championship.  GO BLUE!!!!

Dennis was kind of enough to add a link over in the sidebar for my MSO-Wolverines blog, so all of you can find it at anytime.

umichstories:<br /><br />The only day we wear green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!<br />

Bet you can’t guess what day that posted.

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Here’s to a true Michigan Man. #ThanksJMo (at Crisler Center)<br />

michiganathletics:<br /><br />As we proceed…<br />

michiganathletics:<br /><br />#ThanksJMo (at Crisler Center)<br />

Jordan Morgan

michiganathletics:<br /><br />*Wipes brow*<br />


Glenn Robinson III

michiganathletics:<br /><br />MARCH ON<br />

Caris LeVert

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Ladies and gentlemen, your Big Ten Champions. (at Crisler Center)<br />

michiganathletics:<br /><br />In case you forgot.<br />

Your Big Ten Champions

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Legendary photobomb.<br />

Your Big Ten Champions plus a Heisman Trophy winner photobomb

michiganathletics:<br /><br />So it begins (well, tomorrow).<br />

Nik Stauskas

All-Big Ten Honorees

John Beilein

umichstories:<br /><br />That’s what we call a cup of coffee. Good morning and always GO BLUE! Thanks for sharing, @stephenjnesbitt.<br />

Good morning

Michigan vs. Illinois

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Beat State.<br />

Jon Horford

Michigan hockey

michiganathletics:<br /><br />Senior night.<br />

Senior night

Michigan vs. State

umichstories:<br /><br />Bring on the Maize &amp; Blue. <br />

Spike Albrecht, Jordan Morgan and Nik Stauskas

umichadmissions:<br /><br />Want to showcase your Michigan pride? Here’s an official #Victors2018 cover photo for our newest Wolverines!<br />

Cover photo for incoming freshman

michiganathletics:<br /><br />ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT.<br />

Michigan vs. Texas

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  1. I think most WVU people around my way are rooting for John Beilein and Michigan.

    1. We appreciate the support of our Mountaineer brethren! GO BLUE and go all current and future WVU coaches!