Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 trade package #6: Do you know the way to San Jose?

As I noted over on TMV this evening, I recently completed my first trade with Mark of the Chronicles of Fuji.  We had some minor trade discussions over the last year or two, but nothing definitive until recently.  I picked out some awesome stuff from his copious amount of trade bait, and in return he'll be getting lots from me, including some COMC goodies that will hopefully arrive soon.  In addition to what you can see over on the sister blog, I picked up the following cards:

This here is a 2005-06 Parkhurst of former Flame and four goal-scorer for the Stars Eric Nystrom, whom I mentioned in yesterday's post.  This is a classy looking RC of Doug's favorite Wolverine (2/14!), and one of a few Michigan alumni I found available in Fuji's collection.

John Madden 2000-01 BAP Signature Series auto
Somehow I made it this far in my Michigan-collecting career without hauling in an autograph of three-time Cup winner John Madden.  Hell, I didn't even have a single hit of him until recently, when Doug sent me a plate as part of this trade.  That's no longer a problem for me thanks to Fuji, who swapped me this purdy BAP signature.  I talked a lot about how great that set is yesterday, and you can see why, since it consistently features so many players I collect!  2000-01 happens to feature one of the brand's best designs, by the way.

Marty Turco 2009-10 Upper Deck Champ's Threads jersey
Maybe Marty just wanted to further pull away and increase his lead over hockey #2 Brendan Morrison; the contest is now 24-20 in Turco's favor, thanks to this mini jersey, which I happily added to my PC of my favorite goalie ever.  Jerseys in the form of minis are always fun as they take up a larger proportion of the card.  Still, I think Upper Deck used the space pretty well in this design.

Tyrone Wheatley 2000 Playoff Prestige Team Checklist auto
And yes, I did land one football hit in this package in the form of this excellent Tyrone Wheatley auto, my third (and fourth hit overall) of the former star RB.  Wheatley has a very interesting signature, and even went so far as to include his jersey number here, which is a big plus.  As a bonus, since this card is a checklist, Raiders teammate Charles Woodson (in his first stint with the team that drafted him, of course) has his name appear on the back as well.

Mark, I'm glad we were finally able to get together on a trade, and I'm thrilled with my pickups.  I just hope you enjoy what I'll hopefully be sending you this week!  Everyone reading this should already be following the Chronicles of Fuji, but if you aren't for some reason, well, what are you waiting for?!  Head over there now!

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