Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 trade package #17: sometimes a buck means 100 cents, sometimes it's 100 Wolverines

Welcome to my EIGHTH trade post featuring cards from Doug at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  That's eight of my last 20 trade packages over here, and my calculator tells me that's 40%, which is probably 45% Canadian depending on the exchange rate.  At this point you guys should just expect a SCFtDS trade post about every other week.  Some would call that overkill, and I would call them communists, because this is AWESOME.

The cards this time:
The Studio Hal Morris is definitely new, which is great, especially since I'll get his PC scanned soon.  Howe is a guy I'm on the fence about because of his alcohol drug abuse, and so far I've leaned against making him a part of the PC, but we'll see.  Grant, Green, and Howard start a nice run of basketball additions.
Juwan makes it to the second scan, along with '89 champ Glen Rice, Roy Tarpley, and finally, Chris Webber.  Better yet, Doug managed to toss in three football stars in Brady, Denard, and Woodson.  I was super excited about the Denard quasi-Michigan uni card, which is a Bowman Black parallel, and hope it's the first of many more!

"But wait!" you say.  "Doug's Canadian and automatically likes eating poutine, being polite, adding unnecessary 'U's to his words, and, oh yeah, HOCKEY."  Of course, my friends, of course--it wouldn't be a BuckStoreCards package without some icers.  His blog is one of my favorites because he pulls a ton of Michigan alumni in his beloved repacks and then sets them aside for me.  Better yet, he's adept at scoring others he doesn't post, making every trade a nice surprise.  You want hockey?  YOU GOT IT:
It's Brown and Brown!  I recall being at a Michigan game a couple years ago where Chris scored, the student section held up a flag from the Lone Star State and the band went right into "Deep in the Heart of Texas" with the whole place singing.  Best team, fans, and traditions ever, period.  Mike was one of my favorite physical guys and continues to pile up nice penalty minutes in the NHL.  Cammalleri is a regular around here as one of the many Michigan hockey Mikes.  Cogliano last season in 48 games matched his 82-game output from 2011-12 with 13 goals and will hopefully break out this year.
Carl "Bork Bork Bork" Hagelin put up pretty good numbers last season, carrying that success over into the playoffs.  Hunwick, unrelated to goalie Matt, was a four-year defenseman who plays for the formerly-hated-but-now-irrelevant Avalanche and once recovered from a ruptured spleen which, just to emphasize, isn't a sprained wrist or pulled muscle but a RUPTURED SPLEEN.  Jack "Motherf$&king" Johnson makes an excellent four-card appearance as well.
Here's another group that includes some old favorites and new faces.  Knuble, Madden, Morrison, Norton, and Patch are familiar but welcome faces around here, with Morrison being a blog favorite, of course.  The Montoya is an excellent addition since I don't really have much of the former star goalie.  And while I didn't check before writing this post, I'm either low on or entirely lacking in cards for Moss, so scoring a pair was a good deal for me.
And the last hockey scan, including three more of Patch (one out of order, apparently), Canadian-turned-Avalanche Pateryn, Hobey Baker-winner Porter, GOAT Michigan goalie Marty Turco, and German hockey leaguer Travis Turnbull.  Considering how many hockey carts Doug's added to my PC, I may have to start keeping counts by player!

Ok, on to the part everyone's been waiting for:  the hits!  If you've ever traded with Doug or have read any of my previous SEVEN trade posts, you know he's creative and generous, and this one was no exception:
Mike Cammalleri 2011-12 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics jersey
My fifth Cammalleri hit and second relic is this shocking red Canadians jersey swatch from a couple years ago.  He had a pretty good season for Calgary last year and may be primed to cross the 20-goal plateau in 2013-14!
Andrew Cogliano 2012-13 Panini Titanium Game Worn Gear jersey
Cogs makes his eighth appearance in my hockey PC with his third relic, a solid swatch from a Ducks jersey out of last year's Titanium product.  Cogliano goes into next season celebrating his third year with Anaheim and can hopefully build off of a decent 2012-13 performance.
John Madden 2000-01 Paramount Printing Plate (1/1)
Hey, it's my very first hit of grinder Johnny Madden and it's a plate!  Matter of fact, it's actually my very first hockey plate entirely, which is very cool.  Madden won an NCAA title with the Wolverines and set the college record for career SH goals with 23.  He was just as productive in the pros, winning Cups with the Devils in 2000 and '03, and then the Hawks in 2010.
This plate is an interesting one as apparently Pacific didn't affix stickers to the back that announced the card's a 1/1 and says the card number and color.  No biggie, it still counts and is a fantastic first for the PC!
Brendan Morrison 2009-10 Upper Deck Game Jerseys jersey (Stars)
Careful, Doug--you're gonna make Marty jealous!  This Morrison Stars jersey, actually my second from the set (here's the Caps one) is my ninth relic of his and 17th hit overall, tying him yet again for the PC lead with Turco, which is probably as it should be.  B-Mo played in 19 games with Dallas in 08-09, scoring six of his career 200 regular season goals there, by the way.
David Moss 2007-08 Be A Player Signatures auto
Not only was Madden a n00b to the hit collection, so was fellow alum David Moss, a Flames forward who signed with another Michigan-friendly franchise, Phoenix, last season.  He's from my hometown of Livonia, Michigan and actual attended college the same four years I did, which is pretty cool.  Oh yeah, and he's got a cousin that plays hockey too, name's Phil Kessel--maybe you've heard of him?
Eric Nystrom 2008-09 Artifacts Autofacts auto
Nope, Nystrom's no stranger to the PC as this is my fourth hit of the former Flames first-rounder.  Eric also attended Michigan from 2001-2005 at the same time I did, and carried on the tradition of outstanding players sticking out their entire college careers.  He finished 2013 with Dallas, his fifth career team, and here's hoping the veteran piles up the goals this season!
Chris Summers 2013-14 Score Signatures auto
Why yes, this IS another card of a Michigan player that joined Montreal/Phoenix/Calgary/Anaheim/Dallas.  A 2006 first-rounder, the Ann Arbor native and defenseman rode out his whole college career before leaving for the NHL.  He's only been in 29 pro contests in parts of three seasons, but maybe he'll find a way to earn more playing time next year.  For now he's a much wanted addition to the hockey PC.  Doug sent a lot of 2013-14 Score hockey my way, and this was definitely the best of the bunch.

If you were counting at home, that's seven new hockey hits for the PC.  Wait a minute, let me get that calculator back out.......YEP!  That makes an even 100!  I'm pretty sure about 1/2 of those are from Doug in the last 10 months, but I'll have to count (NOTE:  this seriously may not be an exaggeration).  Big thanks to Doug for helping me reach that major milestone!
EDIT:  My bad, it was "only" 30.  Yes, 30% of my Michigan Hockey PC came directly from Doug.

He included one last card I didn't scan, a double of a Mario Manningham Giants jersey, and that'll likely go into my trade bait/for COMC pile, so it's still useful.  And that's not all because the package also included a nice stack of Red Wings (mostly 2013-14 Score), which you can see over on TMV this evening.

Thanks again, Doug, for a great #8, not to mention a century mark of excellence.  I hope you liked your latest haul from me, and I look forward to the next bunch of stuff you send my way, probably within the next week, amirite?  Readers, get your buck's worth over at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store today!


  1. To stun the people that have read down this far - there's a small package on the way (that's not the stunning part) but there will not be a single hockey card in that pack.

    The plate thing was strange. I was bidding on a Viktor Kozlov plate for my 2-14 PC, and saw the seller also had the Madden. I thought "Hey, let's combine shipping", so I put in a low-ball offer and got the Madden at starting bid level, but lost a bidding war on the Kozlov.

    1. Doug C., Canada's #1 Stunna!

      Sorry you didn't get the Kozlov (who's the wrong Kozlov anyway--Slava's better!) but thanks for the Madden plate, it was a very cool pickup to be sure.