Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 trade package #5: Guess who's back, back again? BuckStoreCards, tell a friend!

Haha, you probably all thought Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store was going to let January pass without sending me another trade package.  Tsk, tsk, ye of little faith.  Have you even READ this blog before?  You know what?  You're all hosers.  That's right, I said it!

So here's what Doug sent my way this time, in what amounted to a typically diverse package:
Jim Abbott 1989 Pacific Baseball's Best Four
Jim Abbott #56 is this oddball-ish Pacific issue from 1989.  It's very simple, but the full-bleed photo is nice, and it's missing Pacific's eye-destroying ugliness that pervades their sets from the 90s, so I'm on board with it!

Barry Larkin 2013 Panini Cooperstown Colgan's Chips
This 2013 Panini Cooperstown insert is a fun one--fun enough that I had previously grabbed one from JustCommons, but hadn't got around to posting yet.  Never fear--that meant I was able to pass it on in a trade package to someone else who'll appreciate it.  That's Larkin #202, by the way.

This '96-'97 Collector's Choice Mini insert features three members of the legendary Fab Five:  Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, and crybaby Chris Webber--who may inspire me to write a post about Wolverines I don't particularly care for.  I love when pro cards combine college teammates, though, so this is a fun add!

Here's three members of my favorite draft class of all-time--the 2008 version.  I have no idea where Arrington will be next year.  Meanwhile, Mike Hart has moved on from Eastern Michigan to coach at Western, so best of luck to him there.  We'll see if the Jaguars keep Henne, though I'd rather see him head to a team that knows a QB from a hole in the ground--who possibly thought Blaine Gabbert could be an NFL QB?!

And of course a pair of icers.  Nice touch on the Cogliano Team Canada card.  And as Doug himself mentioned, that's one of the loudest Morrison cards in my PC, but it's STILL not nearly as bad as Pacific can get (which may lead to another future post!).

And the hits this time:
Braylon Edwards 2010 Limited Threads Prime patch (#50/50)
Braylon Edwards 2011 Rookies and Stars Longevity Materials Sapphire jersey (#085/100)
Wow, this is a nice pair of Braylons!  The patch is especially cool--who says it has to be more than two colors to be impressive?  The R&S card, meanwhile, is single-colored, but the blue background and serial numbering even things out.  Braylon's new count is 53 thanks to this pair, pushing my football collection ever closer to 800.

Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 The Cup patch auto RC (#228/249)
Speaking of patches, this one is flat-out bad ass!  AND it's a rookie.  AND has an autograph!  Better yet, it doubles as both a hockey PC addition and a new score for my Hunwick PC, which is now up to seven cards, featuring four hits.  I can tell you I've seen some of these for sale online, and very few of them have had an equal or better patch, so Doug knocked it out of the park picking me a winner.

Kevin Porter 2008-09 Upper Deck Rookie Materials jersey
Finally, one more hit, this time of former Hobey Baker winner Kevin Porter, one of the best college players to appear for the Wolverines during my years at school.  As I've said before, he was drafted by the Michigan-friendly Coyotes, though he was with Buffalo most recently.

As this is our 14th trade on this blog, I'm pretty much out of things to say.  Doug is awesome, his blog is great, and he's one of the best guys I've ever traded with.  He does his fellow Canuckistanians proud, and I'm happy to have him as a trade partner.  If you'd like to as well, head over to Sports Cards From the Dollar Store now!

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