Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 trade package #3: GET ON WITH IT, or Denards from Enough Already

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I can't say I expected at all to be posting my third package before the month was even half over, so you can chalk up today's post to the generosity and awesomeness of others.

Back in December over on TMV I busted a 2013 Topps Football Value Box and lamented the fact that none of my three bonus Rookie Refractors was Denard Robinson.  Enter Big Kahuna Tim of Enough Already! who immediately offered me one he had.  I was able to dig up a few set wants for him, so he agreed to send that over.  Oh yeah, and not long after that he threw in another Shoelace I could totally use.  I'll get to this in a second, but first I had to show of something else Tim included that was new since the last time he and I traded:
These is easily one of the funniest and most unique trade package items I've received, and I've landed some great ones from many of you!  I should again emphasize that I tend to keep that stuff, so I always appreciate the extra effort.  Anyway, the brilliant combination of God from Monty Python (which led to new blog tag "What is your quest") and the hilarious paragraph below it are simply 100% awesome, which means that once again that tag gets deployed.  Well done, Kahuna!

So now we move on to the other highlight of the post--the actual cards:
THERE's the Refractor I was looking for!  It's funny to see a guy who was almost exclusively a QB in college listed as a WR on an NFL card before being used entirely as a RB with his new team, but that's where we are.  The other card Tim found for me was a Topps Chrome 1986 version, which came out looking great, although I don't think that was too difficult since the '86 set already looks pretty good, and it's a well-known fact that Chrome makes everything look better.

Mr. Kahuna, thanks very much for what was our third trade in the history of this here blog.  I look forward to our next one (which doesn't have to include Denards, just so you know) and I'll get to work piling up new stuff for you.  Readers, there's no such thing as getting enough of Enough Already! so point your browsers over there right now for a guy who could obviously use some hobby love--he collects Mets and Blue Jays!

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