Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 trade package #23: Canadian Thanksgiving from SCFtDS

So guess who sent me yet another trade package for the TENTH time this year?  Yep, Doug from SCFtDS.  This is my twelfth package from him, and the first one arrived about a year ago, so that's an average of a package-per-month!  Here's a look at what the hoser from looney-land sent this time:
Not much filler this time, but a cool quartet added some nice value.  The top two add to my growing number of CFL Wolverines--Hayes was an excellent title-winning WR and Pullen, a nice vintage add, was the first Canadian to earn a full ride and letter at Michigan, so Go Blue, eh?  I always love learning more about my favorite teams from cards.
Meanwhile, in the world of other sports, Doug gave me a taste of what was to come in the rest of the package in the form of a Jalen Rose base and a Jack Johnson sticker.

And now for the best part of every package he sends, the hits:
Bernard Robinson 2004-05 Bowman Signs of the Future auto
Bernard Robinson 2005-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Ink auto
Jalen Rose 2005-06 Upper Deck Hardcourt Materials jersey
From basketball I was treated to a pair of Bernard Robinson autos, one of which features him in a Michigan uni and is therefore my favorite of the four hits of him I now own.  Meanwhile, the Rose, if you can believe it, is my first hit of the former Fab-Fiver.  Besides meaning that I should step up and score hits of the other two (Jimmy King and Ray Jackson), Rose becomes the 10th unique player in my basketball PC, which, considering my apathy towards the sport, is a nice milestone to celebrate!

Chris Perry 2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars Initial Steps shoe (#044/100)
The only football hit in the bunch was a pretty cool one, a piece of "event-worn" shoe of former stud RB Chris Perry.  Shoe pieces don't get a whole lot of hobby love, and that's pretty obvious to me as only five of my 750+ football hits feature some sort of piece of footwear.  Anyway, that's a unique kind of hit, not to mention my 32nd Perry!

Jack Johnson 2010-11 Artifacts Jerseys Bronze dual jersey (#084/150)
Marty Turco 2001-02 UD Top Shelf jersey
Marty Turco 2002-03 Upper Deck Mask Collection Men Behind the Masks jersey
Marty Turco 2005-06 Upper Deck Jerseys Series II jersey
Marty Turco 2005-06 Upper Deck Trilogy Honorary Swatches jersey
Oh yeah, hockey, they like that game up north.  Well so do we down here in Ann Arbor, where Michigan's team is ranked 3rd in the nation.  The UM icers actually head down to Columbus tonight to try to avenge the football team with a home-and-home sweep of the Buckeyes.

Doug's done a lot for my hockey PC, including sending me several Jack Johnsons, such as the sweet dual jersey above, my seventh overall hit of JMFJ.  But better yet, he took the race between my top two hockey PC subjects to a whole new level, flipping me four Marty Turco jerseys to put the all-time great Michigan goalie back at the top with 21 hits (another fun milestone), while Brendan Morrison settles for second place with 18.  There's always next time, B-Mo!  Meanwhile, those are some gorgeous Dallas green swatches.

Thanks as always for the great trade, Doug, and may 2014 see another package-per-month pace for each of us.  Readers, save some Cyber Monday cash to spend at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store tonight!

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