Sunday, November 17, 2013

2013 trade package #22: PC cards from the Dollar Store

Well, it's certainly nice to be writing a blog post after a Michigan football WIN, which I haven't been able to do recently!

There's plenty to celebrate in this post anyway, thanks to TMM trading legend Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  Once again I find myself in a hurry to get a trade post up before receiving ANOTHER package from the Canadian Loony!  Here's what the Dollar Store Sensei sent me this time:
From Michigan football, a guy I think you've heard of named Brady, along with a rare CFL appearance for the blog in the form of Shonte Peoples, a former Wolverines LB who was part of that league from 1994-2003.  Hooray new player for the PC!

Fact:  if you don't include hockey cards in a trade package leaving Canada, they politely arrest you, then take you to the nearest dollar store for a repack (but they don't withhold poutine or curling because cruel and unusual punishment is frowned upon up there).  My favorite here is the super-shiny Prizm rookie of Texas' own Chris Brown, who was drafted by the Wolverine-o-phile Coyotes.  Also, it's weird seeing goalie Marty Turco out of his pads and mask!

Chris Getz 2013 Topps Update
Chris Sabo 1992 Leaf Gold Previews
Next up we have a couple baseball additions for PCs.  I was fortunate that Doug pulled dupes of Getz from his box of 2013 Topps Update.  I'd say that photo is just begging for a caption.  That's Getz IHAS card #52/89 (plus a plate), with more on the way!

Along with that, Doug was able to dig up a sweet '92 Leaf insert of a fellow Michigan IF Chris, this time Mr. Sabo of the Reds.  By my count that's 30 for my growing "Spuds" PC, and that's awesome!

He also included the obligatory hits he always seems to come up with:
Darius Morris 2012-13 Totally Certified Rookie Roll Call auto
Whoa, it's rare (for this blog) basketball hit!  And better yet, it's a very nice one in the form of a slick auto of former UM star Darius Morris.  Morris is the 9th different player in my basketball collection and this is my 21st hit from that sport overall.  A Lakers draftee, he's now with Philly, so we'll see if he can parlay college success into something of an NBA career.
Aaron Palushaj 2011-12 Panini Prime quad jersey auto RC (#167/199)
Remember how I said the Coyotes were Michigan-friendly?  So are the Canadiens, and everything about this card screams Montreal colors, so it's fantastically well-done.  A Livonia, Michigan native (like me!), Palushaj was drafted by the Blues and spent time with the Habs before getting a cup of coffee in Colorado last season.  He's had some success in the AHL so I hope he lands on an NHL squad soon.  By the way, Aaron is my 30th unique hockey PC subject and 104th hit overall!

Thanks again, Doug--I pretty much don't have anything new to say at this point, so I'll go with thanks for being an awesome trader, enjoy your latest package from me, and I look forward to the next one, which will probably be here by the time I finish writing this sentence.  Readers, get your dollar's worth of daily blogging over at SCFtDS today!

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