Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013 trade package #21: My Cardboard Mich-tress

Adam of My Cardboard Mistress is back in the blogging game, and fortunately for me that includes sending out trade packages!

I showed off the other half of the package this evening as usual over on TMV, so check that out if you haven't, then read on to see the rest:
A mighty fine start to the proceedings with a great group of Wolverines.  The SPx Carter is definitely my favorite as it features an excellent photo of old #1 in his college heyday.  The Vikings version is cool as well since it hails from this year's Archives set, and now I don't have to pick that one up myself!
Ok, what's going on here?  Graham, Jones, and Manningham obviously didn't get the memo about wearing some maize & blue.  Where's your school spirit, guys?!
This was definitely a great way to finish--I'm very happy to land a pair of UD versions of Michigan rookies.  Speaking of prospecting, Adam included Denard's 2013 Topps RC, so I won't have to grab that either.  Finally, he found a shiny Woodson to round things out.

But that's not all he included, since this gem was inside the envelope too:
Barry Larkin 2002 Upper Deck Championship Caliber Swatch jersey
Niiiiiiiiiice!  This pinstriped Reds jersey of Michigan Baseball's most recent HOFer and World Champion is my 13th hit overall, and IHAS card #113 (with LOTS more to come, I promise!).  It's definitely one I've wanted for a while, but the prices for it on COMC and elsewhere are out of whack.  Count on Spankee to come up big when it counts.

Thanks again, Adam, and I hope you enjoy the stuff I sent back your way!  Readers, go give that Hokie some blog love and hit up My Cardboard Mistress tonight!


  1. I love the SPA cards of Molk and Martin. I just wish UD had left the first name off the top. Take them off and those are about as good looking as college O-lineman cards get.

    1. Now that you mention it, having the tiny names up top IS a bit weird. But whatever, those still look fantastic, thanks!