Monday, October 14, 2013

Disregard currency, acquire memorabilia, help students!

Please note this is a double post here and on Too Many Verlanders for increased awareness

When I spun off Too Many Manninghams I promised to keep most of my Michigan-related stuff there, but this is a special post that will hopefully appeal to readers of either or blog of my blogs.

MGoAuction is an excellent fundraising site dedicated to donating money to three University of Michigan undergrad scholarships:
The Bernard "Pat" Maloy Cancer Scholarship - This four year scholarship was created by former students of University professor Bernard "Pat" Maloy who passed away in 2001 after a courageous battle with esophageal cancer. The scholarship is a four year scholarship awarded to an incoming freshman with financial need who has battled cancer or whose direct family members have been stricken with cancer. Pat loved teaching and promoted excellence in analytic and writing skills. He was known as a strong, caring professor, who challenged his students and took great care in evaluating their work. According to Maloy, the students were more challenging than any jury he ever faced. Pat began his career with a law practice in North Judson, Ind., but he returned to graduate school several years later to study sports administration. Upon graduation, he took a corporate management job with MDS Qantel, a computer company specializing in dealings with teams in the National Football League, National Basketball Association and several universities.
The Shelly Kovacs Scholarship - Created in 2007 this scholarship honors thirty years of service by one of the University's most beloved student counselors Rochelle "Shelly" Kovacs. The Kovacs Scholarship is a four year scholarship awarded to an incoming freshman based on financial need. 
THE KAS Governor's Scholarship - We all remember that classmate who spent hours and hours of his own time working on projects to benefit public service causes or University student groups at the expense of his or her own study and personal time. A group of alums have joined together to create a scholarship to award to rising seniors at the University of Michigan who have held leadership positions and donated so freely of their time and effort for the purposes of benefiting the others. Keep your eyes open for these items and more that will help establish the KAS Governor's Scholarship. 
Why should you care, whether or not you're a Michigan alum or fan?  Well, as the name implies, the fundraiser is an auction, and many of the items are relevant to the interests of readers of this here blog.
There's quite a few awesome Michigan-related things for sale from all the major sports (and more), including game-used and signed memorabilia, apparel and more.  But I'd be remiss if I left out some of the auctions that should draw more universal interest, including

And for my fellow Michigan fans, there's ton to get excited about, including

Tons of great football items, like this ball stuffed with legendary autographs (Griese!  Woodson!  Hart!  Long!  Glen Steele!)

Hockey stuff, like this puck and card signed by mighty mite Shawn Hunwick

And then there's $1, $5, and $10 items to start with, and so much more.  Yours truly will likely put in one or more bids on that awesome Rich Hill autographed Ball.

This is all for a great cause, so I'm happy to do a little to support it, and I hope you guys will too if you see something you like.  To remind everyone, there will be a banner at the top-right of the blog for the duration of the auction.  Please help support some outstanding scholarships because the world can always use more Michigan Men!

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