Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013 trade package #19: the Daily Denard-wit

If you caught my post on TMV tonight you were treated to 50% of the trade package I received from Sam of the Daily Dimwit.  Sam was an awesome trader to work with once again and we had no problem working out a deal that included a nice addition to my Tigers PC.  Still, once you see what I ended up with here, you know which card was REALLY responsible for this deal going down!

In this Dimwit post from a few weeks ago, Sam showed off a few box breaks he did at his LCS' trade night.  Take a wild guess at which card immediately grabbed my attention and caused me to rush over to the comment section to claim it in a possible trade.  Go on, guess.  Yep, it was THIS beauty:
Denard Robinson 2013 Finest Rookie Patch Auto Refractor patch auto
Oh hai, first Denard Robinson hit to grace my football PC!  I'd been hoping to pick up a Denard auto sooner rather than later, and history repeated itself with Sam sending me a much-appreciated (and -coveted) card in a great deal.  This is the first of what will hopefully be many Shoelace PC appearances on this here blog, and I can promise you I'll always remember this first one.  Speaking of his collection debut, D-Rob becomes the 124th different subject in the football collection, a number that still makes my head spin.  I can't imagine starting off his collection with anything better than this gorgeous patch combined with an auto, then Refractor-ized!

Thanks as always Sam, and I wouldn't worry about Denard's (and Chad Henne's) Jags threatening your Texans, unless your Houston guys pull something from celebrating too many TDs.  Readers, hit up the Daily Dimwit for quality blogging from a hall-of-fame writer and trader.

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