Sunday, September 15, 2013

2013 card show #3: 9-15: 750/1100/1

In today's TMV post I covered half of my haul from a card show I hit up this afternoon, and lucky for you if you're reading this, you get to see the rest.  As I said over there, most of my pickups were trade bait and packs, with a couple Detroit-related hits, but I did manage to end up with five Michigan PC cards and a nice surprise on the way out while I was at it:

Brendan Morrison 2001-02 Titanium Double-Sided Jerseys dual jersey (with Bertuzzi)
The first purchase I made was from a guy that had a ton of cheap, low-end hockey hits, and while most of those are trade bait, I did find one for myself in this Morrison/Bertuzzi dual jersey.  Morrison is the highlight obviously, and this is actually his 18th PC card now, putting him back in the lead by one over fellow favorite Marty Turco, for whom I couldn't find anything today.  Not a bad way to start my next 100 hockey PC cards for the price!

The next four cards came from one seller for a total of $15, which is a bit more than I would have paid online, probably, but was nice convenience-wise if nothing else:
Drew Henson 2004 Absolute Memorabilia Signature Spectrum auto (#080/300)
Drew Henson 2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars Rookie auto (#095/150)
Here we have a nice shiny pair of Drew Henson rookie-year autographs.  I don't necessarily seek out his stuff as much as I do with other players, but when I find cards like this at shows for reasonable prices I'm happy to throw down the cash.  While others may not like the stickerness of the autographs, I don't mind, plus I've always liked the ones Panini uses since I find them easy on the eyes.  Henson moves up in the world with a new PC total of seven, all of which are autographed.

Paul Girgash 2004 TK Legacy auto
Steve Smith 2004 TK Legacy auto
Yes, I was most definitely excited to find this pair of TK Legacy autos, which give me a new total of 51 of the M Go Blue autograph set.  I already own a Steve Smith Cover Boys auto from the same set, so the former QB isn't making his debut here.  Girgash, however, IS new, and is the 123rd subject in my football PC!  He was an ILB from '79-'82, and a pretty good one at that considering the number of games he started for some pretty good defenses at the time.  Of course I hope to keep adding to this phenomenal set, especially when it means I add new players to the collection and learn about ones that played before I was born.

By the way, if you enjoy milestones like I do, then I'll mention briefly that the football PC made it to the 750-card benchmark exactly, and my four-sport PC eclipsed 1100 with a new total of 1102 thanks to today's pickups!

As I was walking out the door with cash remaining in my pocket (which doesn't always happen, naturally), I took a quick glance at the first tables you see as you walk in, which house a bunch of 8x10s, many of them autographed.  They had a stack of autographs for $5 apiece and I figured I'd take a quick flip through them since I like the seller, who'd previously cut me a deal on a Freehan 8x10 auto.  And then I came across this beauty:
Anthony Carter 8x10 auto
If I was on Storage Wars I'm pretty sure I'd tell you that's a five dollar bill until your ears bled, but I'm not, so I'll just say this is a steal of an addition to my small Michigan autographed memorabilia PC for just $5.  I mean, what a great shot of AC sailing through the air catching another big pass, and what a great selection for the photo as it nicely shows his trademark #1 jersey as carter defies gravity once again.  I'll likely throw it in a frame soon and put it up on my wall with my other Michigan memorabilia.

A show that started out pretty slowly ended with a nice haul and a very cool 8x10 that rewarded my patience.  We'll see if I have that much luck the next time I go.

For now, stay tuned for more trade package goodness, an eBay mailday, my first purchase on JustCommons, and more!

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