Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013 trade package #15: SCFtDS sends me a deja Blue trade package

The last trade package you got to see on this here blog, a few weeks ago, came from Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.

As a change of pace, today's trade package comes of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  I'm pretty sure he hasn't even received the package I sent back his way for the one he sent me earlier and he already sent me ANOTHER one.  Those Canadians sure are friendly, even if they use their "U"s differently than us.  So, onward to this package's loout:
Oh yeah, hockey--I'm pretty sure Doug collects that sport.  Just a few this time, but I already know he has more ready to send me because like 80% of the cards he pulls are Wolverines, making him the best hockey pack buster EVAR.  By the way, a Cammalleri/Pacioretty/Cammalleri line would be pretty badass, no?

He even included a football card of Michigan Football all-time great Charles Woodson, then hit on some of the basketball team's better alumni in Howard, Rice and C-Webb.

And then there was THIS stuff:
Mike Comrie 2001-02 Bowman YoungStars Relics jersey
Hey, it's my first relic of one of Michigan's many hockey Mikes!  Comrie was indeed hot stuff coming out of Michigan in the early aughts, tallying 43 goals and 103 points in a pair of seasons in Ann Arbor before bolting for Edmonton.  Mr. Hilary Duff is now happily retired, and I can claim four hits of him (three autos).
Kevin Porter 2009-10 Upper Deck Trilogy Young Star Scripts auto
Porter is easily one of the best Michigan Hockey alumni I ever got to see in-person in Ann Arbor, in his case during years I had season tickets.  I especially enjoyed his Hobey Baker-winning campaign in 2007-08, when he piled up 33 goals and 33 assists.  He notched nine points with the Sabres last season, and we'll see if he can score more playing time next year.  This is my second Porter card that includes an autograph, and my third hit of him overall.

Doug, thanks as always, again, for a great trade.  I'm gonna be smart this time and pile up a bunch of stuff you need so I ostensibly won't owe you for a bit.  Readers, get your buck store's worth of hobby writing over at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store!

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