Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 COMC pickups #3: hockey's still a thing, right?

While I still have plenty of other things to show off, I didn't want to neglect the large stack of COMC pickups just chillin' on my desk.  Today I've got a trio of hockey cards for you:

Brendan Morrison 1999-00 BAP Millennium auto
According to Picasa I have 13 different Be-a-Player autographs in my hockey collection, comprising nearly 25%!  It's a solid set for team and player collectors because it's relatively cheap and includes a lot of guys that wouldn't normally be featured on hits.  I snagged this one pretty cheaply towards the end of my purchasing last month, and I specifically got it to go along with the Gold version I already owned.  As this card is fairly old, it depicts Brendan on the team that originally drafted him, New Jersey.
Brendan Morrison 2007-08 Sweet Shot Signature Shots Puck Signings auto
And another Morrison!  What can I say?  I like collecting the guy.  I also very much like what UD did with this set, pairing an autograph with a fun manufactured relic-like item, in this case a puck.  If you've paid attention in the past, you already knew that I have a couple other players from this set in Jack Johnson and Mike Cammalleri.  I'll have to do a little digging to see if any other Wolverines were included in the set because putting them together would make for a fun project.

By the way, when I said I liked collecting Morrison, I wasn't kidding:  this is my 11th hit (seven autographs) in his PC, tying him with TMM's other hockey favorite, Marty Turco, for the sport's lead.  Hooray for double digits!  

Jason Botterill 1999-00 BAP Millennium auto
My last hockey pickup this time is a brand new player to the collection:  Jason Botterill.  Botterill, a star winger, was part of the '96 National Champion Wolverines before heading off to play for the Stars, who drafted him 20th overall in '94.  He then joined the Thrashers, with whom he's pictured here, followed by the Flames and Sabres.  A concussion led to his retirement in 2004, but he's since gone on to earn an MBA from a pretty prestigious school you might have heard of--the one that's located in Ann Arbor.  In the last few years he's begun an even more promising hockey career as an up-and-coming executive.

Jason becomes the 21st different member of my hockey PC, and as a new player and former champ, he's more than welcome.  As part of today's trio of new pickups, he's also partly responsible for letting me achieve another small milestone, passing the 60-card mark for a new total of 61.  Welcome to the collection, JB!

And that's it for today, but I expect to be back tomorrow or this weekend with the first of a three-post series showing off some great stuff I picked up from an in-person Blowout Forums purchase!

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