Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 COMC pickups #1: Parrish the thought

As I think I mentioned here recently, plus on my TMV post last night, my March package of COMC pickups arrived last week and I decided to combine those with January's pickups so I could finally get around to showing everything off.

Today I have seven new cards for one of my more recent player collections:  David Parrish.  A few weeks ago I announced that I had decided to pursue David's player collection since I already had a small handful of his cards, and he really doesn't have that many overall:  only 38, including 14 1/1s.

So while he may have been a prospect in the hated Yankees system, he never did play for the big club, and anyway, once a Michigan Man, always a Michigan Man.  So here's what I was able to find on COMC to add to David's PC:
2001 Bowman Chrome RC
I admittedly don't know much about this set, other than the fact that the RC crop is very weak minus the iconic Pujols auto and an Ichiro.  That's why I was a bit confused when every version of the card I saw was a Refractor, and they're even labelled as such on the back.  They're still part of the base set, though, and are separate from the normal Refractor insert set.  All that said, this is a nice clean Bowman Chrome design that's enhanced with all sorts of Refractory goodness!
2001 Topps Fusion Gold Label RC
Fusion was one of those different Topps ideas that I actually kind of enjoyed since it combined designs from some of my favorite sets of theirs:  Bowman's Best, Finest, Gallery, Gold Label, and Stadium Club.  The only problem was that it was so freakin' expensive.  Oh well, nothing wrong with picking up singles, like this beautiful Gold Label of Parrish!
2001 Topps Gallery RC
Speaking of beautiful products, there's former favorite Gallery, which was such a great idea that Topps killed it and replaced it with some crap I probably wouldn't look twice at.  At least we'll always have gems like this blocky-but-enjoyable RC.  It could do without the gigantic "ROOKIE CARD" notation that's become meaningless, but it's fun to look at otherwise.
2001 Topps Gold (with Scott Heard) (#1012/2001)
I think 2001 was the first year Topps produced the serial-numbered Gold parallels, and it shows since this slightly over-the-top textured design doesn't look nearly as nice as future versions.  It's understandable, though, as Topps was celebrating its 50th anniversary.  I do have to say that I'm glad Topps has stuck with the insert ever since.  By the way, Heard was drafted three picks ahead of Parrish (who was chosen one pick before future star Adam Wainwright) in 2000 and enjoyed an even worse career, never making it to AA ball in four years (David lasted nine seasons and played four in AAA).
2001 Topps Heritage RC
A Yankees RC on a card that mimics the iconic '52 set is a winner any day.  Heritage was and still is a fantastic looking set, with its only real downfall being an ungodly number of SPs.  I'm glad Parrish was around in 2000 and highly-regarded enough to make it into this set.
2001 Topps Limited (with Scott Heard)
Check out this BaseballCardPedia entry to learn about the Limited Edition factory set, which seems like a typically stupid Topps cash-grab that didn't add anything positive to the hobby.  Apparently they sought to produce up to 5000 sets, but around 3900 were actually produced, meaning only 3900 people were stupid enough to throw away a large amount of cash for a slightly different set. 
2004 Topps Traded Gold (#0550/2004)
Now there's the Topps Gold parallel design I know and love.  In 2004 David played 32 games at AAA Columbus, and when you combine that with the fact that he was a former first-round pick, that was likely enough to get him into this set that focused on prospects.  Unfortunately, as I said, he never did reach the Majors, but at least he was able to enjoy prospect status for a few years.

All told, these seven new additions give me 11 of David's 24 career issues.  I still have some work to do when it comes to trying to find some of his rarer stuff, but fortunately for me, he only has two cards #d to under 100 copies, with the rarest being /20.  Since all of his cards hail from 2001 and 2004, it may be a bigger challenge than it initially appears to pick those up, but you know I'll keep at it.

Stay tuned for another COMC post possibly as soon as tomorrow, when I'll randomly pick something else to show off!

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