Monday, March 11, 2013

Vacation Pick-Ups #11–Michigan Wolverines

I upped my Michigan Vacation Pick-ups so I could talk a little about the game yesterday and the season.  I’ve watched most of the games this year and the one word that I would use is frustrating.  This is such a talented team and when they play on all cylinders, they can beat anybody.  But they are all so up and down with their consistency.  I feel like sometimes they just want to sit back and see what Trey Burke is going to do next and they get complacent.  This is a very young team and it shows, mainly on the road.  Yesterday’s game was frustrating because all they had to do was hit a few free throws to seal the win.  This is a very exciting and can be a very good team so I’m certainly not counting them out in the Big Ten tourney nor the big dance.  They need to work on their consistency and keep that fire in them because when they are fired up, nobody can stop them.  The most frustrating part would be that this will be their last chance to play together.  I’m guessing Burke and Hardaway will probably both go pro.  It would be awesome if they all came back and made another run at it.  I know one thing though, I look forward to picking up their cards when they do.  And that’s what this post is really about, so let’s get to it.

If you’ve followed me over at “My Sports Obsession” then you know I went on a mini vacation to visit the in-laws and made a day of card shopping at my cousins LCS and a flea market since I was away from home where there isn’t crap.  I did manage to find some Wolverine cards down south, check them out.

ncum04          ncum05          ncum03

Picked up all 3 of these in a $.20 box.  Believe it or not, if you go on Ebay just to pick up regular base cards of Michigan Wolverine players, they generally run at least $1.  COMC is cheaper because you can combine all your shipping but your still not going to find them for 20 cents.  We have a 2005 Press Pass SE of Braylon Edwards, a 2006 Fleer Ultra of Jason Avant and a 2007 Prestige of Steve Breaston.  Now that I’ve typed them all out, I realized they were all Wide Receivers for Michigan and pretty good ones at that.


Also got these 2 2008 Upper Deck cards of Chad Henne and Mario Manningham.  I like the looks of these Upper Deck’s but it’s probably because it has the block M on it.


Dennis and I have talked together before about how much we like these 2009 Topps Magic cards so I definitely wasn’t going to pass these 2 up.  Every card above came from the $.20 books.  But that wasn’t all I got as far as our beloved Wolverines go.


I picked up this 2004 Sage autographed card of John Navarre, hand numbered to /440.  I believe it is my 2nd auto of Navarre and I have a relic.  Navarre was the QB when I really got back into watching Michigan football so I definitely enjoyed picking this up, and only for $2.  I picked it up at the LCS in Bristol, VA where the in-laws live.


I was really pumped to add another Mike Hart to the Mike Hart collection.  A numbered relic at that.  This 2008 Press Pass Game Day Gear card has my block M and Hart in the Maize and Blue.  I also picked up this card for $2 at that same shop.  It is my 2nd relic (12th hit) of Mike Hart.  It’s nothing compared to Dennis’ collections but it’s pretty awesome for me.

Even after the autograph and relic card, you still haven’t seen the best card.


It’s a well loved 1955 Topps All-American Benny Friedman.  You all know how much I love vintage so I was ecstatic to find this and pick it up.  Vintage, a Wolverine and it’s a player in the college and pro football Hall of Fame.  This card is top class to me.  I know you’ve seen it here before because Dennis has one, but I had to show it anyways, because I’m pumped about this card.

That’s all for today, our Maize and Blue play Wednesday afternoon in the start of the Big Ten tourney.  I’m personally cheering for a sweep through that tourney as just a teaser when they run through the field of 64 or 65 or whatever it is now.  And since that first game is against Penn State, I’ll leave you with one of our favorite pictures here at TMM.


  1. Nice pickups! I love those $0.20 cards and would kill for a chance at those up here. The Ultra and Prestige are nice examples of major brands using college photos well, and I still wish we got more of that from Flopps. The hits are nice too, but I'm thrilled you grabbed a copy of the Friedman, and yours actually looks to be in pretty reasonable shape. And finally, ALAN BRANCH KILLS QBs!

    1. I think that's why I don't pick up many Michigan cards, too expensive for base cards, even around here. I LOVED picking up the Friedman, I have to get more of those all-american cards.