Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013 trade package #8: Buckstorecards makes it a trade Thursd-eh

Fantastic trader/blogger Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store sent me yet another outstanding trade package this week, one that included a nine-spot of Red Wings you can see over on TMV, plus these Wolverines gems:
Celebrating March Madness  Yep, Doug hit some good names again, sending me a pair of Morrisons and a Turco, representing my two favorite all-time UM hockey alumni.  He then threw in a trio of "Mikes" for good measure, because he just seems to have that talent for pulling them.

No worries, though--it wasn't a complete March Madness shutout!  Hoops was responsible for some atrocious looking junk wax sets back in the day, but I still like picking up a RC of one of the guys responsible for Michigan's 1989 championship--in fact, Rumeal sank a pair of free throws that decided the game!  He went on to get drafted 10th overall in 1990 by Atlanta, but his NBA career wasn't anything to write home about, and unfortunately his life since has been a sad one made up of one poor decision after another.  All the same, the memories of '89 will last a lifetime for Michigan fans.

Brendan Morrison 2006-07 Ultra Uniformity jersey
Marty Turco 2007-08 SPx Winning Materials dual jersey
Max Pacioretty 2011-12 Leaf Certified Fabric of the Game jersey (#22/25)
And last but as usual not least, we have a great trio of hockey hits.  Morrison and Turco again make much-appreciated appearances.  The Morrison is my ninth hit of the former Hobey Baker winner, and you know I'll be gunning to get him into double-digits as soon as I can.  That would put him in a club with just one other member:  Marty Turco, who's now up to 11 hits with this sweet Dallas Stars dual jersey swatch card.  "Patch" rounds things out with this spiffy Canadien red jersey swatch, whch represents my second hit (I also have an auto) of Pacioretty.  Together these cards bump my hockey total up to a decent 58, though I have some headway to make if I want to reach my year-end goal of 75.  I have a feeling I'll make it pretty easily regardless.

Again, thanks for the trade, Doug!  I'll be getting on COMC soon so I can hit you back with some good stuff just for you.


  1. I'm glad you liked them. All the relic cards were $2.00 or less, which was a steal considering Pacioretty was /25.

    I promise not to send anything more until after the Expo in May.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the numbering on the Patch since I actually missed it.

      I have no problem waiting on another trade package from you since the more stuff you open the more Wolverines you pull. Thanks again!