Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 trade package #7: TODOS LOS LARKINS from Nachos Grande

If you read my post on TMV today, you know that I finally caught up on my recent trade packages by showing off part of my haul from excellent trader and prolific blogger Chris of Nachos Grande.  That huge stack of 2012 Topps Archives baseball will go a long way towards helping me pursue a new set for the first time in a while.  But perhaps a bigger draw in trading with him was the fact that we both collect Barry Larkin.

I was hoping I was doing him a bit of a favor by sending him a small handful of my Larkin doubles in his package, and then he blew me away by sending me THIRTY ONE.  I even did a quick spot check of what I had scanned came out need am amazing 23 of those!  I'll scan them separately soon and add them to my Larkin album, which is fast approaching 100 cards, and will breeze past that mark after I'm done with these. I may not be supercollecting Barry like I do other guys in my collection--he has way too many cards and his prices are justified by his HOF career--but I love getting anything new I can of one of the greatest baseball players produced by a school known more for its football and hockey.

So here's all the Larkins Chris sent my way:
Of the ones that are new to my collection, just a couple belong to completed sets that I'd have to dig out of my closet to scan, but the vast majority of these are genuine first-timers for me, and that's as exciting as it gets when you're player-collecting!

Better yet, Barry wasn't the only Wolverine included in this box--Chris mentioned he had a ton of 2012 A&G doubles, so I was able to get him to throw in J.J. Putz's base card from the set.  It's Putz IHAS card #62 and is much appreciated as I work through his more recent issues.

Chris, once again I thank you for a trade where I couldn't be happier.  Let's do it again sometime!  Readers should mosey on over to his Reds-centric blog that mixes plenty of other collecting topics as well, but earns two thumbs up from this Larkin collector!

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