Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 eBay purchase #11: a baseball blowout

I'm back with another eBay purchase to give everyone a break from COMC for a bit.  Today's pickups--10 cards in all--come from one seller.  The purchase started out with my interest in a particular card, but due to a Wolverine baseball-friendly inventory and some BIN/BO auctions, I was able to grab these 10 PC items for a bit more than $16 shipped.  Better yet, some of them are a bit oddball, and generally tougher finds, meaning they give each collection a nice boost.  Here's what I grabbed:
Chris Getz 2011 Royals Topps
Chris Getz 2011 Topps Factory Set Red Border (#108/245)
Chris Getz 2011 Topps Stickers
Chris Getz 2012 Topps Heritage High Numbers
Four Chris Getz cards.  I'm most excited about the 2012 Heritage card because of its relative scarcity due to being part of a boxed set.  Most sellers were asking upwards of $5 delivered on those but I got this one for much cheaper.  I'll still need to find the even more difficult autographs, but this is a fantastic start.
The other stuff is cool, too.  The sticker is a fun thing to add, and the Red (even if they don't scan that way) goes well with the other Wolverines I've picked up from that set.  The most annoying is the Royals Topps card--why were these made when literally the only difference I can find is the numbering on the back?  I've noticed a decent number of these on the checklists of the players I'm working on, and you'll see a few more in a minute.  I'm not exactly looking forward to collecting them, but I'll knock them out as quickly as I can and move on.
Anyway, the rest were fun pickups and Getz's new IHAS count is a solid 24.

Rich Hill 2009 Topps Heritage Ad Panels (with Santos and Poreda)
This is definitely the most unique item I picked up this time, and the one that kicked off this mini spree.  While these ad panels themselves aren't extremely difficult to find, this is the only one with Hill I've found so far.  I'm not quite sure if he appears on any other versions because I've had a hard time finding a definitive checklist.  I do have to say that these are a pretty cool concept, especially in this case where you get a couple of the set's styles all at once.
If you haven't seen any of these, the main difference, besides the size of course, is that the backs don't feature blurbs or stats, but instead feature a bit of a throwback advertisement for the set, as you'd expect based on the set name.  Storage challenges aside, this is a cool addition and Hill's IHAS card #183.

J.J. Putz 2012 Diamondbacks Topps
J.J. Putz 2013 Topps Gold (#1149/2013)
There's that annoying team-specific set again, but whatever.  At least in this case you get a different picture than the flagship base card.  The Gold is much more welcomed as it's the fourth of his six 2013 versions in my possessions (I'm now just lacking the Camo and Pink).  Putz moves up to an IHAS count of 60 (including three plates) making for a nice little milestone.

Clayton Richard 2010 Padres Topps
Clayton Richard 2011 Padres Topps
Clayton Richard 2011 Topps Factory Set Red Border (#167/245)
And a trio of Clayton Richards closes things out alphabetically today.  The two Padres Topps cards aren't especially worth mentioning, but the Red card was another good pickup, and I believe I now have something like three or four of them, so I might not need anything else from that fairly limited set, which would be nice.  Clayton now has an IHAS total of 55, which is more than half of his non-1/1 PC.

I have another couple eBay wins on the way, one big and one small, so I'll show those off when they arrive, plus I'll try to come up with a bit more other stuff before going back to the COMC well!

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