Tuesday, February 26, 2013

COMC haul #42: the penultim-eight (plus one) post, WRs and TEs part II

(Note:  all COMC haul posts can be accessed here)

Today's the second-to-the-last post showing off the COMC cards I picked up last year--think I can get the last post done before MARCH?  Anyway, I wanted to end with a fireworks-style finale of Rich Hill hits, so today you'll be seeing the last of my football pickups from those packages.  This is the second of two parts featuring former Michigan WRs and TEs (part 1 was last month) because I kind of decide to split things up by position as the pile to scan got smaller.  So here they are, the final nine COMC football pickups of 2012:
Amani Toomer 2006 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Material Double Red jersey-pants (#074/100)
Amani Toomer 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Absolute Heroes Materials Prime patch (#37/50)
It's not a Toomer, it's a TWOMER!  Yeah, I picked up a pretty decent pair of Amani relics here, including a double relic and a "prime" jersey, which I considered high-end enough to call a patch.  My Toomer collection is still nowhere close to what I'd like it to be--I only have one autograph of him, for example--but this pair does get me to 10 cards, and that's a nice stepping stone.  If any of you reading this has anything of him you'd like to trade, please make sure to let me know and I'll get you something good for it!

Bennie Joppru 2003 Gridiron Kings Gridiron Cut Collection auto (#176/250)
Bennie Joppru 2003 Leaf Rookies and Stars Rookie Autographs auto RC (#086/750)
Here's another player twofer, and it's Bennie Joppru of all people.  He was featured on a nice number of hits for some reason, including this pair of Panini-brand sticker autos in 2003.  My favorite is easily the Gridiron Cut because of its obvious ties to the Diamond Kings art of yore, but the R&S card is pretty good too.  Which one do you guys prefer?  These two bump Bennie up to a surprising five autos to go with a pair of relics, and I think that's just awesome.  If there's more Joppru hits to pick up, I'll find them!

David Terrell 2001 E-X Rookie Autographs auto RC (#0075/1000)
Just one Terrell today, but it's a very nice one.  No frills necessary here, just the shiny E-X design with an on-card signature to top things off, plus the trademark 2000s Fleer serial number on the back.  Honestly, I'd be hard-pressed to find anything more to ask for on an autographed rookie like this.  And with this new addition, David jumps up a spot to 31 hits as one of the more common members of my football collection, currently in 8th place.
Desmond Howard 2002 UD Piece of History National Honors jersey
Another one-and-done, but it's a fantastic player in any quantity.  This card is double cool because it features Des as a member of the Lions, but also commemorates his 1991 Heisman campaign with the Wolverines.  It also happens to be a pretty sold jersey swatch as far as those go.  I now have a solid five hits of Howard, including an autograph and four relics.
Kevin Koger 2012 Leaf Draft Autographs Red auto
Man those Leaf Draft autographs look fantastic, don't they?  The Blue and Red versions use dark enough hues that they really look well with the rest of the colors in the photos, especially for the Wolverines.  I really hope that the 2013 version includes one or more Michigan guys!  Anyway, despite the fact that Koger will never play a down in the NFL, I'm thrilled to pick up whatever I can of one of the more recent graduates who was a good-to-great TE for the Maize and Blue.  So far that only includes one other card--this auto--but it's nice that I have a few other options when it comes to picking up hits of Koger Plus.
Marquise Walker 2002 Finest auto RC (#0071/1200)
Marquise Walker 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars Rookie Masks dual mask pieces (#121/250)
We close things out today with a pair of hits of former standout WR Marquise Walker, and clearly there's a lot to like here.  Autograph hounds and Michigan uniform fans (holla) can't help but love the shiny auto/RC showing Walker at his Finest.  Then again, how many facemask relics do you own of one of your favorite players?  It's obvious those aren't as common because players don't go through helmets like they do jerseys and other items, and that makes cards like this extra special.  I'll still stick with the Finest as my favorite, but I'm happy to have both.  And even better, this pair allows Walker to join Toomer as a member of the double-digit hit club:  he jumps up to a new total of 11!

These nine cards end the COMC haul with a new football total of 684, making the next big milestone just a bit down the road.  And who knows:  with more COMC cards in-hand and ready to be scanned, plus some current and pending trades, I may get there sooner than even I think!

So that leaves just one question:  what was your favorite card this time, Jeff?


  1. At first, I liked the Walker finest because it's chrome like but I think the Koger auto overtakes it, I really like the look of that card.

    And for the record, as far as the non-wolverine uniform cards go, I like the Terrell auto because I bought a box of 01 Fleer EX (Baseball) back in 2001 and pulled my first ever dual relic/autographed card. I thought it was the coolest thing.

    1. You know, you can't go wrong with either, that's for sure.

      What was the card you pulled from 2001 EX baseball? That was also a nice-looking set with some good hits.