Saturday, January 19, 2013

COMC haul #33: immacul-eight receptions

(Note:  all COMC haul posts can be accessed here)

I've organized the remainder of my COMC football pickups into five groups based on positions.  Today you'll be seeing the first of two posts focusing on WRs and TEs.

Adrian Arrington 2008 SAGE HIT Autographs Gold auto (#232/250)
Adrian Arrington 2008 SAGE HIT Autographs Silver auto
I really like the 2008 SAGE HIT auto set.  REALLY REALLY like.  Jeez, it sounds like I'm describing TK Legacy.  I just think the horizontal layout that includes some fun stats, college photos, and reasonable stickers makes for a great looking card.  The "base" version of the auto, which I happen to have, is my favorite because it features a beautiful blue streak on the bottom half of the card.  Still, the Silver and Gold are also very well done, as seen here.  As a side note, I also really enjoy the photo of Arrington celebrating at that year's Orange Bowl, which was a victory over no-so-football-Jesus Tim Tebow's Florida Gators.  Adrian finishes the haul at 37 hits, tantalizingly close to the 40-hit mark.

Anthony Carter 2005 Topps All American Autographs Chrome Refractors auto (#54/55)
Anthony Carter 2011 Upper Deck College Legends auto
Wow!  I already had a trio of AC autographs, but while they're nice, they were all of the Press Pass variety. Nothing against those--they all feature him in a Wolverines uniform, you know--but these are simply fantastic.  I love the black-and-white shot on the UD card, especially since not every player in the set has that distinction.  It's a gorgeous shot of one of Michigan's best hard at work.
But that's all trivial compared to the Topps card.  I had been hard at work going after a few of the Wolverines in that set, and I finally lucked out on COMC in the form of this gem, which has the bonus of being the even better Refractor version!  The set is a throwback to the ridiculously great 1955 Topps All American set, which you likely know about if nothing else because you've seen some examples here, which can be found in my Michigan football RC collection.  I wonder if I'm the only one that was disappointed Topps didn't re-use the goofy "Wolverine" logo in the upper-right corner?  Anyway, this is easily my favorite AC card in my PC, and one of the best in the PC period.

Braylon Edwards 2005 UD Portraits Memorable Materials jersey
Braylon Edwards 2009 Donruss Rookies and Stars Longevity Materials Ruby jersey (#118/299)
Braylon Edwards 2010 Panini Plates and Patches NFL Equipment Combos dual jersey (#32/50)
Braylon is probably the most knuckle-headed player I collect, but that doesn't keep me from collecting him.  Despite his career of underachieving, his autographs still command fairly high prices, so when I pick him up, it tends to be relics.  That's fine--I'll take whatever I can get of Bray-Bray, one of the best WRs to roll through Ann Arbor.  I don't have a lot to say about this trio specifically, but the great news about my picking them up is that Edwards finishes the haul at exactly 50 hits!  Braylon is only the second member of my football PC to reach that mark, behind Jake Long, of course.  Hooray for milestones!

Derrick Alexander 1999 SP Signature auto
I guess it's been a day of upgrading as far as a couple players in my collection go.  This spiffy on-card signature of Alexander is a nice replacement for an already cool (Michigan uni) Superior Rookies auto.  The card is a good case study for autographs before the sticker era, and it's crazy to think it was made about 14 years ago!  I really like how Alexander wasn't shy about inking a nice, large signature and including his jersey number.  With a 'graph like that I hope I can pick up more of his hits in the future.

While this isn't quite milestone-worthy, I want to point out that I'm ending the day at 875 hits in the four sports, so watch out for another celebration fairly soon!


  1. That All American Auto is too beautiful. Such a nice set.

    1. Thanks! I don't like to shell out that much for a card normally, but you know how it is when there's one you HAVE to have. I hope I can find more from that set eventually.

  2. The Anthony Carter All American is my favorite too and it isn't even because it's a Michigan uniform. I like that set and it's chrome. Double bonus.

    1. Yessir, I think we can agree that there's a ton to like about that card and set!