Tuesday, February 5, 2013

COMC haul #38: digging up the remains of Richard, the third

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I was already trying to motivate myself to finish posting the rest of my COMC stuff when, out of the blue, I received an email this afternoon that my LATEST COMC package had shipped.  Time to get a move on!  Here's 10 new Clayton Richard pickups, the last of this package.
Clayton Richard 2008 Bowman Sterling
Clayton has four '08 Sterling cards in total, and I started with the easiest one.  Now I just need to get the Refractor, Gold Refractor, and Black Refractor...
Clayton Richard 2008 Topps Heritage SP
Heritage is usually the one Topps throwback-themed set that I like.  The set that year was modeled after 1959 Topps, and that includes the rookies, which have that cool patriotic background.  This isn't Richard's rookie, of course--he had cards in 2005--but I'm glad he got such a card in this set--looks great!
Clayton Richard 2008 Topps Red Hot Rookies
The 2008 Red Hot Rookies arrived in Topps Series II boxes via redemptions.  The 20-card set included some pretty nice names such as Jay Bruce, Clayton Kershaw, Pablo Sandoval, and Evan Longoria, with Bruce and Longoria's versions being autographed.  Richard was lucky enough to appear among this group as well, and he's actually a better player than some of the other subjects in the set.  Anyway, it's a pretty cool card for a redemption, with kind of a gold/orange Refractor kind of thing going for it.
Clayton Richard 2009 Topps Heritage
And here we have another nice Heritage entry.  You won't be surprised that this one was based off the 1960 design.  I like this one since it mentions that he played for Michigan.
Clayton Richard 2009 Topps Update Gold Border (#1783/2009)
Who doesn't like gold?  I like gold.  Therefore, I like this card.  QED, bitches.
Clayton Richard 2009 Upper Deck
Clayton was traded at the deadline in 2009 in the deal that brought Jake Peavy to the South Side, so this card must have been made before then.  In fact, of all my in-hand 2009 Richard cards, only the above Heritage, along with the Update Gold and any other Topps Updates I have represent him with the Padres.  So consider this his last White Sox hurrah.
Clayton Richard 2010 Topps Gold Border (#0145/2010)
I like gold again!  That's a great face he's making as he goes through the strenuous effort of the standard pitching motion.
Clayton Richard 2010 Upper Deck
And here's the only other Upper Deck card on the day.  All told, only three of my in-hand Richard PC cards are Upper Deck, which speaks to the stranglehold of Topps' monopoly.
Clayton Richard 2012 Topps Black (#42/61)
Clayton Richard 2012 Topps Gold Sparkle
Speaking of which, the last two cards, of course, hail from 2012 Topps.  I have a few more versions of this issue on the way from COMC, but these are my first 2012s of Clayton, and that run shouldn't take terribly long to complete since they were his only issued cards for that year, 11 in total.  As usual, I enjoy the Black parallel and its reasonable scarcity while I could take or leave the Gold Sparkle.

These 10 additions give Clayton an IHAS count of 52, which is significant for two reasons:  obviously, he passes the 50-card barrier, which is a nice milestone to hit, but that also puts me more than halfway to his 103 non-1/1s by my count.  I have (or will have) hit that mark with a couple other players I'm supercollecting, but besides Rich Hill, no other player had this many cards in his PC that made getting to 50% as significant, so this is a fun accomplishment.

I'll be keeping the COMC haul posts coming til I'm done, but I also have a great new trade package to show off very soon as well, plus my first Blowout pickup of the year.  Until then, GO BLUE!

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