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COMC haul #37: rooting for the Niners with nine QBs

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As I write this post up the Super Bowl is fast approaching.  Did you know both coaches are brothers?  I don't think the media has brought up that little-known fact.  Harbaugh rivalry aside (and I'm thrilled for both of them), so I can make the game a bit interesting for myself, I'm rooting against Ray "Deer antler spray and murderin' all day" Lewis while I root for the team with three Michigan ties.  Yep, the Wolverines can claim San Fran head coach Jim Harbaugh, Center Jonathan Goodwin, and injured WR Mario Manningham as distinguished alumni.
Harbaugh's rise has been especially impressive, as he rode a very successful college coaching career to the 49ers HC position, where he's already led them to the big game in just his second season.  I'd say the decision to continue with the talented Colin Kaepernick over average-but-able Alex Smith paid off, wouldn't you?

Anyway, in honor of the game that gets squeezed in between commercials and an always awful halftime show, here are nine more COMC pickups of three different QBs, one of whom was a Super Bowl MVP himself!
Chad Henne 2008 Bowman Sterling Blue jersey (#068/399)
Chad Henne 2008 Bowman Sterling Green jersey (#176/299)
Chad Henne 2008 Press Pass Legends Saturday Signatures auto
Chad Henne 2008 Upper Deck Premier Stitchings College Logo-Variation Gold manupatch (#13/15)
Chad Henne 2009 Score Inscriptions Autographs Gold Zone auto (#06/50)
Chad Henne 2009 Upper Deck Signature Shots auto
Now that's the way to start it off right!  Henne is obviously one of my favorites, and if you couldn't figure that out before, showing off a six-pack probably helps.  The two Sterlings are parallels of his "base" jersey-RC I have, though of course I much prefer the Blue.  The Saturday Signatures auto is yet another nice example of a quality autographed card put out by Press Pass, and of course the Michigan uni is a huge bonus here.  The UD logo is admittedly a bit gimmicky, but I still think it's pretty cool, and it pairs up well with the one I previously bought of Mike Hart.  The Score is a good example of a card I wish didn't have such an obvious sticker, but I think they at least used a fantastic photo.  Finally, I don't think the Signature Shots' design is as good as the one from the previous year, mainly because of the sticker auto and the fact that it's perpendicular to the card for some reason.  Still a good looker otherwise, though.

Before we move on to the rest, I'd like to mention the fact that Henne has officially leapfrogged the 50-hit mark, finishing the haul at an awesome 54!  This places him second only to Jake Long's 64 and jumps him over Braylon Edwards' 50.  Those three remain the sole members of my 50-hit club...FOR NOW!

Elvis Grbac 2001 Private Stock Game Worn Gear jersey
Elvis Grbac 2001 Private Stock Game Worn Gear patch (#286/300)
Shouldn't every team have a QB named Elvis?  I was sorely lacking in hits of him before I found these two, and only had this autograph (which I especially want to show off in light of the team I'm rooting for tonight):
Yeah, the card says "Chiefs" but he's pictured as a 49er.  That's just as confusing as the Pacific cards above, listing him as a Raven (BOOOOOO!) despite the fact that he's shown in a Chiefs uni, ostensibly the source of the relics.  That actually covers all four NFL teams from his career, which is cool.

Anyway, the two relics hail from 2001 Pacific Private Stock's football version of its first one-relic-per-pack baseball set.  The number of players in the set was huge, so pulling better players and patches was exceedingly difficult.  Fortunately, more than 10 years later, the Internet makes all things possible!  The jersey is nice enough, but of course, the patch is where it's at:  two colors and some nice stitching at the top.  I had to pay a tad more for this one compared to the other available on the site at the time, but as that one was only single-colored, it was totally worth it.  And now I've tripled my Grbac total.  Elvis is in the building!

Tom Brady 2008 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red Materials jersey (#006/150)
Finally, we have the Super Bowl MVP of today's post.  I rarely get the opportunity to pick up a Brady relic for a reasonable price, and the only reason I even already had one in my collection was a trade way back with Beardy, who may or may not have existed.  I'm definitely happy with my first purchase, though, which features a nice gray swatch on one of my favorite designs, 2008 LCM.  It sure doesn't hurt that it's serial-numbered, of course, but I think the red really works nicely with the bit of the color on his Patriots jersey.  Hopefully before long I'll have more than just two hits of one of the NFL's greatest QBs.

One more quick milestone before I'm done today, but a very worthwhile one:  these nine hits give me a nice even four-sport total of 900!  I've mentioned before that I'd like to track the various milestones and when I've hit them, and I'll get to that at some point soon, but for now, I look forward to 1000!

And with that I'm off to watch the game.  I hope Spankee's pack-based prediction holds true and Michigan continues its streak of placing at least one player on each Super Bowl-winning team. (last broken in 2002)  Go Harbaughs, go Niners, and GO BLUE!

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