Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 eBay purchase #5: hunting the elusive Black Fox

Just a quickie today as I have a single card to show off.  My most recent eBay purchase went a lot smoother than #4, which showed up way later than it should have.  This time I got the exact opposite experience:  super fast shipping that resulted the card showing up EARLIER than expected.  What a concept!  Here's what I picked up this time:
Jake Fox 2009 Topps Update Black (#34/58)

Jake really doesn't have very many MLB cards (18 non-1/1s by my count) so it's pretty exciting when I can actually pick up one I need.  Ordinarily COMC has been my go-to source lately, and they did have one copy up for grabs--the only one I had ever seen available until this one showed up on the Bay--but the price just wasn't right.  Now I'm a proud owner of this black beauty, my 10th in Fox's PC.  Hooray!  RELEASE THE KRAKEN MILESTONES TAG.

This one is fun because I now have all of the significant versions of Jake's 2009 Topps Update issue:  base, Gold, Black, and Silk.  I'm still missing the extremely obnoxious Target and Wal Mart exclusives, but I was actually able to find those on Sportlots and may grab them before long.  I'm not particularly missing them at the moment, though, especially since this is easily one of the best Fox cards I own--but then again, I only own 10 of them!

As I mentioned over on TMV, I might be a bit busy this week putting together a new COMC package (which includes some trade bait for some of you!) but I'll try to work in a COMC haul post or two when I can so at least BOTH of my blogs don't go dark for an extended period of time.

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