Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 eBay purchase #4: a letter from Leon

Chronologically this is actually 2013 eBay purchase #2, but the seller proved to be awful when it came time to, you know, SHIP it, which means it took 11 days from the point I bought it to receive it.

Anyway, my frugal but enjoyable purchasing pursuits paid off again when I found this beauty for $7 delivered on that "auction" site:

Leon Hall 2007 SP Rookie Threads Rookie Lettermen Gold 'L' patch auto (#65/75)

Woohoo!  It's another Leon Hall "L" patch auto, to go along with the "base" version of that which I already owned.  It took a bit of digging to figure out that I acquired that other version a bit more than two years ago! As much as I enjoyed that one, I think the black letter pales in comparison to the "gold" version, which just looks more colorful and is more appropriate for a Michigan Man (though the black of his jersey in the photo looks great).

I don't know if I'll try to complete either or both of these nameplates, but if I see others pop up on eBay, COMC and the like, I might have to consider picking them up as well.  For now I like having the two different versions to compare side-by-side.

This is my 27th hit of the former Michigan DB who got hot at the end of the season, picking up both of his interceptions (including a pick-six) in two of his last three games.  As is true of a select few players in my PC with more than a couple hits, every one of Leon's cards I own is an autograph of some variety, which is a fun streak to keep alive.  

Better yet, I've managed to continue picking up fun stuff like this while not breaking the bank--I've spent a little more than $36 this month (with one more eBay pickup due to hit my mailbox by Monday) which has left me with plenty left in my budget for Saturday's card show, and even a bit to start playing with on COMC.  Though I haven't started the year with a bang as I had in the past, I think my more reasonable spending will still produce some outstanding results!

I'll be back in the next few days with a few different posts:  more COMC haul stuff, that eBay pickup I'm waiting on, and hopefully something from the card show on Saturday as well.  GO BLUE!

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