Sunday, December 2, 2012

I still think Henne is Magic

Well, the bowl games have been announced, and while we're not headed back to the BCS, all I care is that Michigan will be playing on New Year's Day, which is when the bowl season should end, in my opinion, but that's a whole other post.  The Wolverines will be facing off against South Carolina (they of the SEC) in the Shitty Chain Restaurant Bowl.  I'm happy with the scheduling and I'm pretty happy with the opponent, too--that's a couple years in a row now that we'll have played an interesting team.  As usual, I'll be pulling for the Big Ten in all matchups with the SEC.  And speaking of the Big Ten, God DAMN did we suck this year!  Way to allow the third best team in the other division absolutely pants you in the title game, Nebraska.  Anyway...

I picked this card up on eBay the other day and was excited to have it show up this weekend:
Chad Henne 2009 Topps Magic auto
My 48th Henne (and 592nd football PC card overall--I'm comin' for ya, 600!) is this beautiful Henne autograph.  I love the 2009 Topps Magic set, period.  It's so great I'm pretty sure Topps isn't responsible for it, but I can't prove it yet.  You hear me, Topps?  MOAR COLLEGE SETS.

I love these so much I currently have three other Wolverines from the set:  Arrington, Askew, and Breaston.  By my count, that should mean I'm missing Jason Avant, Tom Brady, Braylon Edwards, Leon Hall, Mike Hart, Drew Henson, Steve Hutchinson, Marlin Jackson, Ty Law, Mario Manningham and LaMarr Woodley.  Some of those are tougher than others, so this could be difficult to put together, but it's something I do want to work on.

Henne's had a bit of an up-and-down season with the Jags, who finally figured out that their mediocre QB is mediocre and are giving Chad a shot.  He's had a couple good games and some bad ones, including this afternoon's defeat.  I'd still like to see him given a shot with a decent team (read:  NOT Miami or Jacksonville), although I realize at this point that he's probably looking at a career as a backup.

As I usually do with these cool cards, I'll leave you with the back as well, since it's one of the better ones as far as card designs go:


  1. Yeah, Topps magic, you know. Awesome!

    1. You know, for kids? This set is one of the few "magic" things Topps has pulled off in the last few years...