Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trade post continued

Just a quick post from myself (Jeff) of a few cards I got in a trade.  But before the post, how about that nice win against Minnesota.  Yesterday’s game was the most well rounded I’ve seen the team and is hopefully a glimpse into our future.  It was a little scary at the start but once Devin Gardner got comfortable, he really looked good.  I love Denard, and he is a huge talent, but I don’t like him as a QB.  But how do you keep that much talent on the bench?  I wish they would come up with some offense to have both Robinson and Gardner in the backfield and let the defense figure out which one is taking the ball.  But I don’t know how efficient that would be.

But we are here for the cards and I got a few about a month ago.  You can see the other cards I received from my cousin here.  These are nothing like the fantastic stuff Dennis shares with us all the time, but they are of our men in Maize and Blue.  My cousin (who is a ND fan) sent me these cards in a box full that he picked up.  He buys and sells at card shows so he picks up cards like crazy.  He sent me a bunch of White Sox cards that you can see the highlights of here.  But on to the Wolverines.


Tai Streets, Tyrone Wheatley and Tim Biakabutuka all have their place in Wolverine history.  All 3 were stars in their time here in Ann Arbor.  Streets was part of the 1997 Championship team and was known for his 4th quarter heroics in big games.  Wheatley and Biakabutuka were prolific college Running Backs who were both top 20 draft picks.


And of course, you can’t forget about Charles Woodson.  I don’t think I need to explain who he is.  He looks rather funny on the Upper Deck card with no wings.  Most remember him as the guy that beat some QB from Tennessee out for the Heisman.  That QB probably didn’t even last in the pros.  Probably.

Since I got you here, I’ll show a quick cheap ebay purchase as well.  It’s rare that I get Wolverine cards on the cheap, About the cheapest you find just regular base cards is $1 of college players so I was happy to win this one at only $.30.


Certainly nothing special, but I like these Topps Magic cards.  They are even better with Michigan players on them.

That’s all I have for now, but I’ve got some more cards coming, actually, I received them the other day but I haven’t scanned them yet so you’ll see them when I do.


  1. Nice stuff! I wish I had a cousin that sent me Wolverines stuff. I really like the Fleer Woodson RC, of course, and I need to get one of those Topps Magic Arringtons myself.

    1. I was surprised to see it, he lives in North Carolina so he doesn't come across much and usually I only get White Sox cards from him. Every once in awhile he'll slip in a Notre Dame card just to be a dick.

    2. I guess at least it's much easier for people to pick those out when they're in Michigan unis, which is always better anyway. I know most people don't have a good idea of who went to a particular school besides the stars without poring over lists on Wikipedia (like I do). Anyway, you sure made out nicely, especially with some nice RCs.

      Anything anyone sends of Notre Dame to a Michigan fan automatically makes them a dick, even if they're family.