Tuesday, November 13, 2012

PTSIA's trade package makes it great to Brie a Michigan Wolverine!

As I covered in yesterday's TMV post, I received yet another great trade package from Greg over at PTSIA.  There you got to see some sweet Tigers pickups, plus a little more eye candy in the form of patron saint of sports card blogs and hotness Alison Brie (at Greg's request and my mutual interest!).
Like this, and such as.  Found over here, if you're interested.
The even better part of that package will be the subject of today's post on this here blog:
A couple Hoops Wolverines.  Wonder if I could pull off the Loy Vaught haircut?
Chris Webber 2010-11 Classics Membership jersey (#477/499)
Obviously I'm like every other Michigan fan in that I have a love/hate relationship with Webber.  Regardless, I now have three C-Webb relics in my basketball PC.  And that is a pretty sweet purple swatch!

And now here's where things got especially fun!:
Hmmm, rip party, you say?...
AW YEAH, you're getting RIPPED, Scott Skiles!
Hey!  Where's my rip cards?  Shouldn't I be pulling a red autograph #d /10?  Oh, wait, these aren't Topps cards, and why would anybody expect anything from a Spartan anyway?
Here's the aftermath.  I love Skiles' floating head at the bottom of the pile!

Then things went from fun to fun AND useful:
Jake Long 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Stargazing Jersey Prime patch (#39/50)
Now THAT's a purdy patch!  Also, since it's from Greg it's officially Patchtastic®.  That goes beautifully with my jersey/auto from the same set, though I dare say that I like this patch even more than that combination because, I mean, that's a NICE patch!  And hey, while Long's 55th(!) card still lags behind Rich Hill's total count (at least for now), that's a milestone-ish 575 football PC hits!

But that wasn't the only very useful PC card he sent my way:
J.J. Putz 2012 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini
You damn kids and your "minis" and "Gangnams" and "Twooters."  This is my first Putz mini, and it required some research on my part to ultimately determine that it's a "regular" mini and note one of the 80 other variations (I think).  This is my 15th "in-hand-and-scanned" card of Double-J, and that's also sort of milestone-worthy.

And then there's THIS guy,
Rich Hill 2009 UD Ballpark Collection Six Swatch Memorabilia 6x jersey (#082/200)
So big and fancy it needs its own separate COA!
This is the card I've wanted from Greg for a while since we rekindled trade talks.  While it's an absolute mess in terms of the players and which teams they're actually on (it's supposed to be three Red Sox and Orioles, as you can see on the COA), the pictures and/or swatches comprise no fewer than FIVE teams!  But that doesn't matter because this double-sided six-swatch card is sweet!  There's a really nice variety of swatches there, including a few different colors, and two pinstripes--including the guy who matters the most. That card puts me at a still-PC-leading 57 hits and 103 in-hand-and-scanned overall.

So thanks again, Greg, for an awesome trade, and I hope we can do it again soon!


  1. Yes, the Putz is a regular back. Also that look on ripped Skiles is creepier than my Movember stache.

    And glad you enjoyed all of the cards! Thanks again for an excellent trade and the Brie fix, starting off the day right!

    1. Hell yeah! I'll make sure to let you know if/when I get out to that area so we can please some creeper mustache hipster kickball!

    2. haha, that would be awesome! one day, one day....