Tuesday, November 6, 2012

COMC haul #8: battleground plates, or, vote Republicannie's boobs

(Note:  all COMC haul posts can be accessed here)

I went with the cutesy title in recognition of the fact that today is Election Day (and why it's not a national holiday is still beyond me), and for the fact that two of the players in the post are on teams from Ohio, the derpiest battleground state this side of the Mason-Dixon line.  That's as much political commentary as you'll get from me today.  One with the cards!

So this post is dedicated to Greg, with whom I'm engaged in a race to see who can compile the most PC 1/1s.  To clarify, I'm racing Greg and he's standing miles down the road laughing at me since he has so many more.  All the same, I decided to create an album that just includes all my various 1/1s, including printing plates, White Whales, and anything else that meets that description.  Today was a good deal for the big reveal of that since this post will show off all three 1/1s I picked up in my recent COMC haul:

Braylon Edwards 2009 Topps Mayo Mini Printing Plates Magenta (1/1)
Along with the cards in my first COMC haul post, this Braylon plate was part of my first COMC purchase of the second half of 2012.  I'd been wanting some sort of Bray-Bray 1/1 for a while, so this was an ideal pickup for me.  It just happens to be a plus that since it's Mayo, it's also a mini in one of Topps' cool holders for that sort of thing.  This, by the way, is my only football (or any non-baseball sport for that matter) 1/1 besides this Brandon Graham.  Make it 43 Edwards hits, too.
Rich Hill 2007 UD Masterpieces Stroke of Genius Signatures Printing Plates Cyan (1/1)
I don't think I can go more than a post or two on this blog without posting something of ol' Rich.  Still, since he's probably the PC player I'm most focused on, I try not to let any of his 1/1s and other rarities fall by the wayside.  While this guy set me back more than pretty much anything else I picked up from COMC this time, it's totally worth having a plate version of a card whose regular auto and Windsor Green (also 1/1!) autos I already own.  Hill jumps to 56 hits, still leading Jake Long, and also moves up to 102 in his PC, including a crazy (for me) seven 1/1s!
Zach Putnam 2008 Razor Letterman 1-of-1 N patch auto (1/1)
Would you believe I already have three 1/1s of Putnam?  All three of them are from '08 Razor Letterman, as well, including a plate and another letter (an "M").  I managed to snag this letter for much less than the original 1/1 letter I found on Blowout a while back, and it's fun having 1/3 of that nameplate, even though I'm pretty unlikely to complete it.  What's strange is that I've seen (and purchased) two 1/1s from this set but I've only encountered two of the /5 cards in all my searching, and both sellers wanted more for them than I paid for these!  Regardless, this third rare Putnam gives me 22 cards in his growing PC!

And now for a quick faux milestone:  I now have 756 Michigan all-sport hits, breaking the Hank Aaron mark, if there's such a thing in collecting.  Whatever, it's my blog, I can do whatever I want.

And speaking of doing whatever I want, and dedicating this post to Greg, who's got more Plates & Patches than Panini®, here's some more eye candy of the patron saint of Too Many Argyle Sweaterhams (which, incidentally, is a startlingly appropriate name here):


  1. As my first graders would say, you would know a derpy state since you come from the derpiest!

    1. Is that something your kids read on the truck nutz their dads got from their sister-wives?

    2. Lol we do have a lot of truck nuts. Kentucky beats us though for sure. And Indiana.

    3. Indiana, man...don't get me started on Indiana!

  2. excellent additions! and thank you for the Brie fix. need it badly with Community on hold until forever. FUCK NBC.

    1. Thanks, you're welcome, so true, and YEAH, FUCK NBC! Six seasons and a MO-vie! Too Many Argyle Sweaterhams FTW!

    2. that name is definitely going to get used at some point haha.