Tuesday, November 27, 2012

COMC haul #12: good circulation

(Note:  all COMC haul posts can be accessed here)

I like to post these COMC cards in themes whenever I can, and while that's usually done by player or set, today's cards have one thing in common:  the word "uncirculated."  All three hail from mid-2000s Bowman Chrome sets and come encased and en-stickered by Topps, so you know they've never been opened--unless someone opened them and re-sealed them, but whatever.  Here's the trio I grabbed for a surprisingly cheap $4 (I think the shipping cost for them was almost that much):
Alan Branch 2007 Bowman Chrome Uncirculated Rookies (#0240/1079)
Jason Avant 2006 Bowman Chrome Uncirculated Rookies (#428/519)
Victor Hobson 2003 Bowman Chrome Uncirculated Blue Refractors

I picked each of these for a certain reason (besides price, obviously):  Alan Branch, because
Alan Branch kills quarterbacks (my favorite label ever)
Jason Avant, because he's one of my all-time Wolverine favorites, and Victor Hobson, because he's a guy for whom I have a disappointing collection, and I'm working on that.

These are all pretty cool cards, and while they don't meet my criteria for "hits," I'm excited to have them for my football PC.  Thanks to these I'm going to go ahead and start up a Michigan Football inserts album soon, once I have more to show off, and that'll likely be when I'm done with the COMC haul posts so I can finish up THAT project before starting a new one.

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