Sunday, November 25, 2012

A mini Mojo Beard trade package from Kevin

A week or two ago I sent a nice little Minnesota-centric trade package over to Kevin, the now-lone writer of the Mojo Beard.  I had some nice piles of his favorite teams and also managed to pick up a couple nicer hits, some of which he posted here.

Well, if you've ever traded with Kevin before, you know that it doesn't take long for him to respond in kind.  Besides the card found in this post over on TMV, he threw in a really nice Michigan PC hit for me:
Steve Breaston 2007 SAGE HIT Gold auto (#23/250)
I definitely wasn't expecting one of Breaston's nicer autographs!  This is the upgraded Gold version of a base auto I already owned, and that means it slots in perfectly with my football PC (my 13th Breaston hit, by the way).  I'm happy that Kevin chose this one because it's one of just a small handful of cards that Steve signed with a very nice autograph instead of his current unappealing "SB."  I also value it more, of course, thanks to the shot of him playing for the Maize and Blue.

I'll even go so far as to say this takes a little bit of the sting off of a very disappointing loss to Ohio yesterday, a day that also saw Michigan State and, most disappointingly of all, Notre Dame, win.  Thanks for another great trade as usual, Kevin!  Obviously the few of you that aren't should start following his insightful and hilarious posts over at the Mojo Beard, at least until he wises up and finally gets his own blog like he deserves!


  1. No problem dude. Too bad your up and up team lost to the cheaters!

    I have a few more cards I think you might like, but i need to find them. I have been a little distracted helping my dad with his stuff lately.

    Also as far as the blog, lets not kid ourselves, the mojo beard is pretty much mine anymore.

    1. Yeah, well at least the good guys get to go to a bowl game!

      Sure, take your time--I'd be pretty distracted too if my dad just completed every Topps flagship base set!

      And I know TMB is all yours, but I think you should have your own blog with YOUR name on it!