Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Great Wolverines Listia Hall of Fame: a GSNHOF trade package

(Adding "trade package" to any post guarantees page hits in bunches!)

If you've read TMM today, you already know I completed another trade with Tim from GSNHOF.  Besides those excellent Tigers cards--which included a new Freehan!--he included a nice haul of Wolverines, including:
New stuff of Braylon Edwards and Jason Avant courtesy of his 2006 Fleer box break; a beautiful Metal Universe Charles Woodson RC featuring Mr. Heisman playing for his alma mater; and a nice trio of Tom Brady Fleer inserts, which makes me want to get together a list of my Brady haves at some point soon.  Considering the fact that this is Hate Week leading up to Saturday's tilt with the Michigan State Convicts Spartans yeah, let's go with Convicts since most of them are straight out of the other "big house" at this point.  Just like the Tigers cards he sent, which were timed perfectly seeing as how Detroit will be heading to another World Series, these couldn't have been timed better.  

Tim included one other card in the package, the one I was most excited to receive:
Rich Hill 2006 Upper Deck (#101)
Welcome home, Rich Hill #91!  This is actually one I hadn't managed to grab from Sportlots or COMC yet, so when Tim let me know he'd be sending it I happily threw it into the "pending" section of my Hill checklist and waited (somewhat) patiently.  It's now resting comfortably in Rich's PC in Picasa.

As I said on TMV, thanks, Tim, for another great trade, and congrats on your union with the old baseball-and-chain!

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