Friday, October 5, 2012

Cards on cards, or, I was told there would be no Matheny

As I'm writing this the Cardinals and Braves are locked in a one-off game to see who goes on to the playoffs and who goes home to play golf.  That actually makes today's post somewhat relevant, because another of my recent eBay pickups is this guy,
Mike Matheny 1996 Leaf Signature Silver auto
Matheny, of course, is the Cardinals' first-year manager, and I'm dying to see how the former Wolverine can get his Pujols-less team into the postseason.  At the same time, I can't help hoping Chipper Jones ends his career with a magical World Series run (but that's only if the Tigers falter!).

If this card looks fairly familiar, that's because I previously picked up the more abundant bronze version and blogged about it here.  That puts me one Gold version away from a nice trifecta, plus 100% of Matheny's hits ever produced.  Not bad at all!

And now I wish a hearty good luck to your favorite MLB playoff team as long as they aren't playing the Tigers.  And screw the Yankees, of course--nobody likes them.

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