Saturday, March 31, 2012

The "I"s have it, and I have the "I"s

You're probably thinking I'm spending a lot this month; you're definitely correct.  You can attribute that mainly to my tax return, plus a recent windfall thanks to a couple nice sales I made on Blowout, getting rid of stale trade bait for useful Paypal.  Besides the CoMB stuff I've been posting, I've made a few eBay pickups and actually also made a large in-person buy from a fellow Michigan collector looking to cash in while narrowing down his collection--look for posts about that soon.

Meanwhile, eBay was very good to me last week, and here's what I'm excited about today:

This is a pair of "I"s from the Cazzie Russell "MICHIGAN" nameplate I'm working on out of this year's SP Authentic By the Letter set.  I'm now halfway to my goal of all eight cards (here's my "G" and "H") and I'm still 100% on track to spend an average of less than $10 per card, which is great.  Maybe at some point I'll actually finish one of these projects!
This pair also puts me into double digit Michigan Basketball hits, makes Cazzie the lone basketball leader of the PC, and puts me just 12 hits shy of 600 from all four sports--with a TON left to scan!  Stay tuned for posts on those very soon.


  1. I know I said it before, but I really do like those cards.

    1. Thanks, can't wait til I have all of them!