Wednesday, February 29, 2012

450 reasons I Hart Blowout

If it seems like I've been picking up a lot of new stuff again, I have.  By cutting out boxes and other unnecessary card spending, I've been able to devote more money to useful things, like my favorite PCs.  It also happens to be tax return time, so I've allotted a bit of money for fun before applying most of the rest of it to the soul-crushing amount of debt that comes with student loans, owning a house and car, etc.
As such, I've been having fun at my usual haunts, including the recent eBay and Blowout pickups you've seen here, plus I should have more on the way soon from those sources and/or COMC, where I'm working on a couple purchases.

Today's purchase was spurred on by a Blowout seller looking to liquidate his Colts PC.  Leaping into action, I bought him out of almost all his Mike Harts and Marlin Jacksons.  At the end of the day I came out with six new Mike Harts for myself, plus some great stuff to trade to Jeff, since another deal's gonna go down before long, and it's gonna be another doozy.  I know at least he and I will enjoy this post because we're both big Hart fans--me because of his legendary career here, and Jeff because of his dual Michigan-Colts fandom.  So here's another post that serves as an ode to the mighty mite who made a mental midget out of MSU moron Mark Dantonio (who wouldn't know alliteration if it was one of his star RBs being released from jail for the third time):

 Mike Hart 2008 Absolute Memorabilia College Materials dual jersey auto (#10/25):
I might just have a new favorite Hart in my PC.  Yeah, I'm still high on the letter patch auto, but this one is simply 100% awesome.  As a Michigan fan, the colors that stand out are instantly familiar and soothing, from the logo to Hart in his Michigan uni to the dual blue jersey swatches.  I can't say enough good things about this one!  It's very low-numbered, it's an autographed relic and it's from one of my favorite sets:  2008 Absolute Memorabilia.  Yep, it's my new favorite Hart for sure.

 Mike Hart 2008 Donruss Classics Saturday Stars jersey (#207/250):
Sweet, another Wolverines uni card!  This'll look great next to his classmate, free agent QB Chad Henne.  I like how easy to tell that the shot is from the Capital One Bowl, the one where Michigan defeated football Jesus and Urban Liar and carried Lloyd Carr off the field in victory (before he sabotaged Rich Rodriguez's short tenure).  That game is especially memorable because, besides being insane, it featured a famously sure-handed Hart fumbling a couple times in crucial situations.  That was the last time the Wolverines won a bowl until this year's victory against Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl. 

Mike Hart 2008 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket auto RC:
I really like the designs of the Rookie Ticket autos year after year--I've just been unlucky that the number of Michigan draftees has dwindled in the wake of Lloyd Carr's don'tgiveashititude and RichRod'  So this is a fantastic addition to my PC and another nice Hart auto/RC to have.

 Mike Hart 2008 SP Rookie Edition '93 auto:
I'm not sure how I managed to go this long without getting one of these, but now I have one, and I may have another for Jeff soon.  I really liked 2008 SP Rookie Edition, enough to bust a few boxes I found at Meijer, and while I never pulled a Michigan auto, I've acquired quite a few of them from this set, including another of Hart's.

Mike Hart 2008 Threads College Gridiron Kings Materials dual jersey (#204/250): 
This one's great for a few reasons.  For one, the background really goes well with Hart's Maize and Blue uni, though I'm sure that's not on purpose.  You also have to appreciate the artistic value of the card, since sets like Donruss' "Kings" cards and UD Masterpieces are criminally underdone.  Finally, I like that I have a similar card, and it's from another sport:  a Rick Porcello dual jersey!

Mike Hart 2008 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures auto RC (#095/150):
For alphabetical reasons, we close out with the thickest card of the bunch, and this card is thicker than Mark Dantonio when someone tries to explain the concepts of discipline and not having a douchey look on his face all the time.  Exquisite Collection means big-time premium cards, and this serial-numbered, autographed RC screams quality all the way around.  When you pull one of these out of a pack, you're thrilled it's a hit and not a dummy, and I don't mean a dummy like Mark Dantonio trying to think of a witty comeback to the "Little Brother" speech.

So how 'bout some more milestones?:

  • 30 total Harts (my fifth player with 30+ hits)
  • 28 total autos
  • My first two Hart Relics
  • 450 football hits!!
Sweet!  At this rate I'll be at 500 well before the year is half over.  On that note, tune in soon as I do what I've been doing and acquire more stuff to show off.  GO BLUE!


  1. I like them all but I love that top card! Sweet pickups.

    1. Yeah, man, I know! I would have thought the Letterman card would be the best, but there's just too much to like about the Absolute!

      I have plenty of nice stuff set aside for you with more to come when I do a COMC shipment...